Hot cocoa and Christmas Parties

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A few Sundays ago, we had a little Christmas party with some friends. We wanted to make it extra special for the Christmas season, and decided to do a hot chocolate bar. I made homemade hot cocoa and provided a number of mix-ins including Andy's mints, crushed twix and snickers bars, raspberry syrup, whipped cream, candy cane pieces and hazelnut creamer. I had little cups for them to go in and it was so fun to have lots of different flavors to try! Plus, there was some left over and Adam and I got to try all the mix-ins that we wanted over the next few days!

Homemade Hot Cocoa

From allrecipes

Serves 4

1/3 cup of cocoa powder

3/4 cup of white sugar

1 pinch of salt

1/3 cup boiling water

3 1/2 cups milk

3/4 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 cup half and half cream

Heat the water to a boil then add the sugar and cocoa. Mix until dissolved. Add the pinch of salt and the vanilla. Add the milk and heat through. Make sure you don't scorch the milk! Enjoy!


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