Twin Baby Birth Story

Thursday, December 14, 2017

On Saturday morning, I packed up my last few items for my hospital bag and headed to the hospital for a scheduled c-section.

While we drove to the hospital, we continued our tradition of listening to "The Final Countdown," by Europe (we did this on the way to Fox's induction, too) and talking over baby names again.

I was feeling surprisingly calm when we got there and hardly had a jitter when I checked in. They got us to a prep room and I got changed into a hospital gown and they took my vitals and asked me lots of questions about my health history and such. Then my doctor came in to let me know she was on her was to another C-section before mine and that she would be in soon for mine, but that it had been pushed back an hour.

The anesthesiologist also came in to answer any questions, and told me a little bit about his part in my procedure. I was starting to get a little nervous, especially when they came in 5 minutes later and told me the procedure would be half an hour sooner than they had said.

Very soon, we were walking down the hall to the operating room, and I laid down on the very narrow operating table. They got me prepped and the anesthesiologist began to get me numbed with local anesthetic and then placed a spinal in my back. It was pretty uncomfortable, but in a moment it was placed and almost immediately my legs got very warm and within a minute or so, I couldn't feel a thing. They hung up the curtain, my doctor came in, and they got started.

She did an ultrasound one last time to make sure Baby A was still breech, and he was, so they carried on with the procedure.  

As they began cleaning my stomach to prepare for the incision, I started feeling nauseated, lightheaded and started seeing spots. Despite voicing my discomfort, they carried on, telling me that it was not abnormal. In retrospect, what were they going to do?  If I blacked out, it probably would have been easier to deliver, and it wasn't like they could stop at that point.

I was feeling pretty lousy, but within about 5 minutes, they pulled out Baby A.  He was the breech baby, and smaller of the two.  He came out screaming and bloody, and when they held him over the curtain so I could see him, some blood dripped onto my face. My arms weren't working very well because of the anesthetic, so Adam wiped it off for me.  

After some tugging, they got Baby B out, as well, and he also came out screaming.  The doctor said that he was a really big baby (at least by twin standards).  Adam said they held him up, too, but I couldn't see him.

As I laid on the table for the next 30 minutes or so, while they cleaned me back up and put me back together,  I watched them weigh and assess Baby A, but Baby B had been handed to a NICU team through a window in the operating room for assessment, and I couldn't see him at all.  Adam had brought in our camera, and took some photos of each of them, since my interaction with them had been so brief.  I wish that I could say that things got better for me as they stitched me up, but I started dry heaving about 10 minutes before they were done, and felt completely terrible.

Finally they finished up, and had me roll onto a hospital bed. I was feeling slightly better, but overall I was still feeling pretty terrible.  

Baby B was perfectly healthy, and could come with us, but Baby A had a low heart rate (or something... I can't remember exactly what), and they wanted to keep him in the NICU for assessment.  As long as he improved, they said he could join us in a few minutes.

We went back to the labor and delivery room, and I continued to feel terrible, all shaky and freezing.  I think it was shock?  Not sure, but they brought me warm blankets and half an hour or so later, I started feeling a little better, and was finally able to hold Baby B.  Baby A passed his assessment, so he got to join us a few minutes later.  It was so great to have them both with us.  We texted our families and sent some photos and just enjoyed the babies for a few minutes.  

I nursed both babies, and they were terrific at it from the get go, which was a huge relief.  After about two hours in the recovery room on the labor and delivery floor, they took us up to a room upstairs, and we were able to spend some time as a family, holding our babies, and enjoying them.

Later that afternoon, my parents and brother were able to come over and hold them as well, which was really wonderful.  My dad hasn't ever been able to come to the hospital the day any of his grandkids were born, so it was pretty special to have him there. 

Fox had been really sick on Thanksgiving, and Black Friday, so we opted to have him come and visit on Sunday instead, just in case he was still contagious.  His visit was terrific, and he ended up being so sweet and lovely with the babies, and I was so pleased.  I had been really worried about how he would do.

Overall, it was a pretty decent birth. Not the spiritual and magical entrance into life that I was secretly hoping for, but with two healthy babies and a good recovery, I couldn't ask for anything more. So many prayers were answered with this pregnancy and delivery and we feel very blessed and are loving our little boys so much. 

Introducing Bear and Badger:

10 Easy Homemade Dinner Ideas

Monday, December 11, 2017

Knowing you are heading into a few months of little sleeping and little time for cooking means as much planning ahead as possible.  That means freezer meals, stocking up on essential food items and making a list of easy meals that I can make quickly.  These are not freezer meals, but I figured it is helpful this time of year to have some easy options to fall back on.

These are a few ideas that I had, and things that I can easily make when I am dealing with a toddler and two infant twins (at least I think so... If not, please send pizza!).  These are a few favorites, or super easy meals that can be thrown together in less than half an hour.   I need to have a list, because nursing/no sleep may mean I won't have many brain cells left to remember what kinds of meals are quick to make.

Fried Rice
Homemade Pizza (I have homemade pizza dough stocked in my freezer, and can just defrost, top and cook)
Breakfast for dinner (waffles, pancakes, hash browns, etc)
Sandwiches (I like toasted sandwiches the most, topped with cheese, bacon, apples or pesto)
Quiche (pre-made crust + vegetarian)

Fox's Toddler Bedroom Update

Friday, December 8, 2017

I don't know that I have explicitly stated it here, but we are currently living in my in-laws house while they serve an Mormon/LDS mission.  We are really sad to have them gone (especially with the upcoming birth of the twins), but happy that they are doing something that they have always wanted to do.

There are definitely pros and cons to living in someone else's house (more on that later), but one of the big difficulties was the room that Fox sleeps in.  It was the room that Adam had shared with his little brother for just about his whole life, and once he and his brother left for college had essentially become a between-semester dumping ground for papers, boxes, old clothes, and guitars.

I remember the first time I ventured into this room, I could hardly walk in, because there was so much stuff piled on the floor and against the wall.

Adam, his brother and his mother are all quite clean, but because the room wasn't a permanent place for the boys to live, it just never got cleared out (and they were never home long enough to go through most of it).  And his mom was worried about clearing it out, for fear of throwing away something important, so it ended up just sitting in a state of semi-disaster for close to eight years.

Once we knew we would be moving in, I wanted us to sleep upstairs (the idea of having the master bedroom in the basement didn't thrill me at all), and didn't want Fox way downstairs (it is kind of a hike down to those bedrooms), so something had to be done about Adam's old bedroom.

My mother-in-law, Adam and I all spent about a week boxing stuff up, donating and throwing things out.  Then we had to get rid of a few pieces of furniture that weren't going to work, and we took apart the bunk bed and started moving some of his nursery furniture into that room.

After my in-laws left for their mission, I wrestled with whether or not we should tear down the wallpaper.  Both my in-laws were totally fine with it (apparently my father-in-law never liked it anyway), so it wasn't an issue for them, but I knew it would be a big job getting it down and putting the room back together and painting before I was too pregnant to do it.

Finally, in August, my mom came to visit, and told me that as part of her visit, she would help us get the wallpaper down and the room painted.

And once we started on the wallpaper there was no going back.  It took us close to a week to tear it all down.  I have officially decided that I never want to wallpaper a room so that I don't have to tear it down, because it was such a pain.

My mom went home before we finished, and then I spent several weeks trying to figure out a paint color that I wouldn't hate.  This was surprisingly difficult.  The room is pretty small, and the walls were a dark blue with the wallpaper, making the room look even smaller.  Once we tore it down, every shade of grey that I chose looked extremely blue on the walls.

On my fourth or fifth sample, I finally found one that I thought would work.  Conveniently, my mom came back up for a day, and spent the entire day painting that room, bless her.  It completely changed the feel of the room, and I am totally loving it!

We are not totally done yet, but this is the progress report so far! I am still hoping to change the light fixture (anyone know what that kind of light fixture is called?  I am hoping to only replace the glass piece, and not the whole fixture), add a valence over the window, as well as a roller shade to block out the light, and possibly consider getting a rug.  Who knows if that will all happen, but currently I am MUCH happier with the room the way it looks now!

Easy for playing, and sleeping, and much prettier to look at.

Waffle Hack

Monday, November 27, 2017

Of all the sweet breakfast food choices, my favorite might be waffles.  I love their light crispiness, and how flavorful they are!  They are a great vehicle for delicious toppings, but can be eaten on their own and still enjoyed.  They even reheat well, in the toaster.  Simply said, I love them.

A few weeks ago, I was trying to use up some sour cream (I don't buy it very often, and using it up often stumps me), so I found a waffle recipe that used it.  I made it as an afternoon snack, and ended up topping it with more sour cream and raspberry jam.  It was amazingly tasty!  I was impressed and surprised!  

Here is the waffle recipe, and then if you have extra sour cream, try topping the waffles with sour cream and jam.  You won't regret it!

Sour Cream Waffles
from 101 cookbooks

1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter melted
1 cup milk
1/2 cup sour cream
3 large eggs

Heat your waffle iron.  Whisk dry ingredients in a bowl.  Whisk wet ingredients in another bowl.  Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients.  Don't over mix.  Cook batter in the waffle iron until you have used up all the batter.  Serve as soon as the waffles are done, or freeze with a sheet of wax paper in between each waffle.  Serve with sour cream and jam.  

36 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Saturday, November 25, 2017

As you are reading this, I am likely getting a c-section.  But yesterday, I hit the 36 weeks milestone!  My twins will still be a week premature, but I am hopeful that they will be healthy despite that!  Many twins born at 36 weeks are just fine and don't need NICU time.  We shall see, but I am thrilled to have made it this far!  Here is a quick recap of my pregnancy in photo form: 

I was obviously inconsistent about both taking photos and posting about the most recent pregnancy details, but I am thrilled I have so many photos along the way!  It is fun to go back and see how much I have grown.

This week, I have been surprisingly comfortable, despite having two quite wiggly babies.  I am gearing up for my c-section and feel pretty good about it.  This past week, I was hoping I would end up with a head down baby on bottom, but sadly, as of Wednesday, we have a bum on bottom, and a head down baby just above that, but that means and automatic c-section.  

I feel a little bad about this week, because Fox was quite sick on Thanksgiving and Friday, so his last days as an only child were a little depressing, I think, as he laid on the floor a lot, and threw up some.  No fun times with Dad and Mom to cherish.  

I am actually pretty worried about how the transition from one to three kids will go.  I know every parent worries about this with their second child, and I feel this doubly, because we are having two kids instead of just one.  I don't want Fox to be an only child, and I am thrilled we have two new buddies joining our family, but gosh, it is stressful adding new babies to the family.  

Hopefully the adjustment period won't be too bad for Fox, and that he will get over his sickness before they get home, and will be his normal happy self before they come home from the hospital.  

Despite my worries, I really am SO excited to meet them, and can't wait to introduce them to you!  

Thanks for your kind and helpful thoughts!  You are all so wonderful!  

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