My Pregnancy Outfit Matrix

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

One of the things that I really like about pregnancy is that it forces me down to a much simpler wardrobe.  Almost capsule style, but not quite (I am not a huge fan of the capsule wardrobe, and you can read about that right here).

This pregnancy, Janssen was really nice and sent me a box of her maternity clothes to wear, and my mom got me a few new items as well, which I was really excited about, because the few pregnancy items that I already owned were definitely not made for a twin pregnancy, and I was worried I would end up with one outfit to wear the last six weeks.

So now I have a much larger collection of pregnancy appropriate clothes, but I still find myself categorizing these clothes into some tried and true outfit combos that make me feel attractive despite the extra weight I am carrying right now.

Here are my favorite pregnancy outfit combinations:

Form fitting maternity dress + scarf + booties

dress: target// scarf: loft (old)// shoes: dsw

Pencil skirt + tunic/maternity top + booties/boots

skirt: made by my mom// shirt: h&m// shoes: dsw

Maternity pants + cute form fitting maternity top + cute tennis shoes

cords: old navy (similar)// shirt: h&m (similar)// shoes: GH Bass 

A few cozy sweaters to mix and match

black sweater: via clothing swap (similar)// brown: old navy// pink: forever 21

I think that anyone could easily get away with a fall pregnancy wardrobe looking something like this:

- 2 maternity dresses

- 2-3 cozy sweaters (add a coat if you like)

- 1-2 neutral pencil skirts

- 3-5 tunics and maternity tops

- Plus a few scarves, booties and leggings/tights

Also, because I just can't quit talking, a few random notes about some of these items:

- pencil skirts.  Adam was a little mystified after finding out that I feel these are essential for pregnancy, and he asked me about it.   I couldn't give him a very good answer, but after a day or two of thinking, I realized that I love pencil skirts because they are (1) stretchy (2) they are form fitting, so you can feel like an attractive person even with your belly is huge and, (3) they stay up much better than maternity pants because they are form fitting.

- tunics are great because a number of the pieces that I own are not maternity, and I can't wait to wear them with skinny jeans once I am not pregnant.  They are also long enough to last the duration of a pregnancy.

- Booties are the best, because they keep your foot warm, and look like fall, but they aren't so hard to zip up.  Tall boots can get tricky to zip up once you can't bend over very well.  Trust me, I know.

- Maternity pants.  I love wearing jeans, but during pregnancy, they stop fitting after a while, and I am constantly hiking them up, because they are trying to find a smaller place to grab onto than my giant belly. I wear them as long as I can, but usually know when to call it quits.  Sadly  my jeans got phased out a few weeks ago, and the cords won't be around much longer :(

Saving the Summer Harvest

Monday, September 18, 2017

I have this idealistic dream that one day, I will be able to live off preserved food during the winter time, and hardly have to go to the grocery store (except to get milk and cheese, because we probably won't ever own a dairy cow).

Now, it is likely I will never be able to make that happen, but this year, I am trying to get all kinds of things preserved for when the babies come, and also to keep from wasting all the great stuff that is coming out of our garden (we have tomatoes and zucchini coming out of our ears, folks!).   

I am not a canner, so none of these methods involved boiling or sealing anything.  Actually I am totally terrified of canning (botulism and bacteria, anyone?).  Thankfully Adam's aunt lives down the street and told me she would be happy to teach me how to can, so hopefully I will overcome that particular fear.  

Here are a few things I am doing to preserve fresh produce this year.  If you have ways that you like to preserve fresh produce, please pass them along!  

- Making Applesauce in a slow cooker (if we end up getting any apples off our tree... not likely)

- Homemade Sun-dried Tomatoes 

- Shredded and frozen zucchini

- Making and freezing fresh tomato marinara sauce 

- Blanching and freezing fresh corn.  

Side note:  I have already posted tutorials about two of these items.  Would you be interested in my posting more tutorials like this?  I always feel so deliciously self-sufficient when I do projects like this, so I would love to share the love if you want me to!  Just let me know in the comments or tell me on instagram (@measureandwhisk).  

26 Weeks: Twin Pregnancy Update

Friday, September 15, 2017

shirt: h&m// skirt: h&m (non-maternity)// shoes: dsw (on sale right now)

Thanks to all of you who commented on my last pregnancy post.  Lots of helpful meal ideas, and lots of support and thoughts about how to make the gestational diabetes test not so horrible.

And honestly, the test went just fine.  I ate 4 eggs for breakfast, then headed to the doctor's office.  I have to see a specialist every two weeks, too, so I try to schedule them on the same day near the same time so I only have to go once (they are right down the hall from each other), which is convenient, but it also means I have crazy back and forth some appointments.

At my last appointment, I had to go the lab (also down the hall), and drink the yucky drink, my doctor ended up having an emergency c-section to go to, so they sent me to the specialist to see if they could get me in, which they did, I got an ultrasound, then headed back to the lab to get my blood drawn, then back to the doctor for my regular exam and a flu shot.  It was kind of crazy.

The good news is that I don't have gestational diabetes (at least not currently), but bad news is that I am anemic (super normal for mamas having twins).  And lucky me gets to take the gestational diabetes test one more time the next time I am in, because that is how it goes with twins.  Ick.

Babies are moving like crazy these days, and it is amusing to watch my stomach do the wave on a regular basis. I love feeling them move and knowing they are doing okay.  I think someone told me they won't move nearly so much during the last month or so because they get too cramped in there, so I am enjoying all the constant movement while I can.

I am also starting to get really warm, from having two extra bodies inside of me. With Fox, the last few months, my feet got really hot a lot of the time, and I am starting to get that from these two, too.  I am looking forward to having two small internal heaters to keep me warm in the fall and winter.  It has been a while since I have lived in a place with Arctic winter temperatures, so I am not sure I am prepared!

Also, one last thing.  I may not look hugely pregnant yet (people are often surprised to find out I am having twins, until they find out that I am only 26 weeks along), but I am quite certain I am closing in on the size I was with Fox, and I still have about 11 weeks to go!  You can check out this post (from when I was about 37 weeks with my last pregnancy) for reference.  I am going to be HUGE when these babies are delivered!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Easy Asian Stir-Fry

Thursday, September 14, 2017

I have a confession.  I made this months ago.  It was delicious, and when I posted about it on Instagram, a few people asked me about the recipe.  I sent the instructions to those who had asked, but then was dealing with terrible nausea from pregnancy and couldn't even look at these photos without wanting to barf (These and almost every other food photo on the web/social media.  I ended up unfollowing a bunch of food instagrammers during that period because I could hardly look at their photos... It was a serious problem).

Anyway, so months later, here is the recipe, now that I can look at these photos and think they look delicious once more.  It really was a terrific stir fry!  And super easy. You can bet this will be on our table soon, because I am all about the easy dinner prep these days!

If you aren't the vegetarian type, feel free to add chicken (probably the tastiest option), steak or pork to this dish.

Easy Asian Stir-Fry
inspired by Pinch of Yum
1 package of lo main noodles
1 Tbs olive or vegetable oil
1 head of broccoli, cut into small pieces with the stalk removed
1 yellow or red bell pepper, destemmed, seeded and diced
2 medium carrots, sliced into wheels
1/2 medium onion, diced
3 Tbs rice vinegar
5-6 Tbs soy sauce
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp ginger powder
1 1/2 Tbs sugar

In a medium pot, heat water to a boil.  While it is boiling, prepare the sauce by combing ingredients in a jar and shaking until combined.  Add your noodles to your water and stir once or twice to keep them from sticking to the pot, and cook according to the package directions.

Next, pour oil into a large skillet and heat .  Add the onion and carrots, and cook over medium heat for 5-8 minutes until soft.  Add the bell pepper and cook for another 1-2 minutes.  Add the broccoli and briefly cook (another 1-2 minutes), then turn down the heat to low until the noodles are done.

Then drain the noodles, toss them into the large skillet, and add the sauce.  Stir all together until sauce is coating every single noodle, and serve immediately.  Enjoy!


Weekly Menu Plan

Monday, September 4, 2017

End of summer means loads of vegetables from the garden (thanks to my MIL), and we are loving having so much fresh produce.

We had a few months of off eating once we moved here, because there was so much going on, but I feel like I have gotten back into a good rhythm, and am enjoying cooking.  I do have to pull a bar stool up to the stove these days, because being on my feet for long periods of time is uncomfortable, and occasionally brings on some Braxton Hicks contractions.

I have been meaning to post a menu list for several weeks, and it just kept escaping me.  So here is some of what has come out of my kitchen this summer!  Happy cooking!

Roasted Veggie Pitas - They may not look as pretty as they could, but they taste amazing!  I serve them with ranch dressing.  Also, the chicken for this recipe was seriously incredible.
Vegan Corn Chowder - This is one of my all-time favorite soups.  It is quick, easy and gorgeous.  I left off the cilantro sauce this time, and it still tasted great.
Scrambled Eggs and Smoothies - Because some nights just have to be quick.
Black Bean Bowls - Healthy and filling.  You could always add some grilled steak or chicken, if you needed it a little bulkier.
Zucchini over Rice - This cashew sauce is life changing.
Lentil and Bacon Salad - Adam ate it without the bacon (he has been mostly vegetarian lately, but I think the bacon make this tasty salad).
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