Life-Saving Items for the first 3 Months of Twins

Monday, May 14, 2018

Let's face it, having twins is just hard.  It is also completely wonderful and amazing, but there are a bunch of things that make it pretty difficult (two babies, not sleeping, trying to nurse in tandem, or bottle feed two... you get the picture).  So, today I wanted to share a few items that made having twins a little easier for me.

Twins are more common than they used to be (I read a statistic somewhere that said 1 in 30 children born is a twin now!), so maybe you are having twins, or you know someone who is having twins.  Here are a few items that made a big difference those first three months!

Life-Saving Baby Items for the first 3 months of Twins

Rock 'n Play - We had borrowed one from a friend, but only having one was super inconvenient, so my kind mom bought us a second one.  We still use them almost every day(babies are almost 6 months), and used them constantly for the first 3 months.  We haven't ever used the vibrate feature (I have heard that can make babies dependent on it, and I certainly didn't need that), but it can vibrate, and I think some of the fancier models can play music, too.
Munchkin Pad - This is silly, but these were amazing.  A friend gave us a beautiful crocheted Moses basket, and these were the liners, but I ended up using them long after the babies grew out of the Moses basket.  We had a number of episodes where I would set one of the babies on the couch for just a minute while I was getting ready to nurse them or something (I couldn't hold them both at the same time very well at the beginning) and very often, they would spit up, or leak through their diaper at that exact moment!  So inconvenient!  These are small, portable, waterproof and washable, so they were terrific for taking around the house and using to change diapers or just set the baby on, if you are worried about the couch or carpet (which I am, because both belong to my in-laws).
Tubby Todd's all over ointment ($10 off your first order through that link) - We LOVE Tubby Todd, and my babies have truly terrible skin.  They have eczema, they peeled like crazy (pretty much every doctor we saw during their most peely stage was shocked at how much they were peeling), and are dry and red most of the time.  This ointment hasn't solved the problem (it is doubtful that much could, honestly), but has helped keep a lot of the redness and chapping under control.
Baby Car Seat Cover - These are the best.  We went to the hospital at 2 1/2 months, when the babies got RSV, and I was so grateful to have them over each car seat when we were sitting in the waiting room with tons of other sick, coughing people.  They are also so good for nursing, can double as a blanket, if needed, and are light, but not sheer.  They are amazing.
NoseFrida the Snotsucker - Another necessity if you have a wintertime baby.  When the babies got RSV, their case was mild enough that they didn't need oxygen, but they did need to be suctioned out regularly, to help keep them comfortable.  It was amazing to be able to do it at home (not quite as effective, but still fabulous), and to know I could clean the whole thing out.  Those bulb syringes, while wonderful, can be really disgusting after a good cold.
Baby Socks - One of the unexpected things about twins, is that not only do they scratch themselves as infants, they also scratch each other.  We still have them wear socks on their hands regularly to protect them from each other.  My favorite pairs that we have were a gift from some of Adam's professors from Austin, and they are by SmartWool.  They are warm, stretch, are machine washable and stay on so well.
Cloth Diapers Burp Rags -  One of our neighbors gave us a huge stack of these (she had twins about 30 years ago, and they were still sitting in her garage), and they have been my favorite.  I love how absorbent they are, and that they are a super neutral color, and that they are all the same color (the minimalist in me, maybe?).  They are better than any other burp rag we own, and I am so glad I have about 15 of them, because they get used all the time.



  1. So sweet! Love the pictures of those cute babies!

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