Friday, August 9, 2013

blouse: altered by me, originally Adam's shirt // tank: Banana Republic // scarf: New York and Company // skirt: Express (thrifed from Plato's Closet) // shoes: Zara // pearls: Forever 21

I work front desk at a dental office and have occasionally thought about sharing stories from my work life, except that the stories that I have are often really gross, or SUPER boring (ask Adam; he gets to hear them everyday, lucky guy).  They usually start something like this: "So I called this insurance company today..." or "This patient freaked out and started yelling..."  Sounds like loads of fun, I know.  I finally had one a week ago that I felt deserved to be blogged about, because it made me laugh so much and it had nothing to do with patients, staff, or insurance.  A woman came in to drop off a resume for the doctor (this happens a lot; we get quite a few hopefuls looking for a job), and  I told her I would be happy to take it and put it in the doctor's box so he could look at it at his leisure.  She had a notebook filled with resumes.  She took one out and began folding it.  She then proceeded to take out an envelope to put the resume in.  I stopped her and told her that I could just put it in his box so that she didn't have to waste the envelope, since it would probably be more convenient for him to look at out of an envelope (plus, I am trying to go green and not waste so much paper).  She cooly looked at me and told me that she would much rather use the envelope.  She tucked the resume inside, sealed the envelope and then stamped the back of it with one of those self-inking stamps.  When she handed it to me, the stamp read "CONFIDENTIAL" in red letters... I was sooo close to laughing.  No way I was going to be able to steal  information from her resume now... Guess she showed me.  I really am too nosy for my own good. But don't worry, I didn't open it.  


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