A Last Look at 2017

Friday, December 29, 2017

This year has been a big one.  This time last year, Adam was still in grad school, didn't have a job, we were in an apartment, we were still in Texas, and only had one kid. Fast forward one year, and this is a snapshot of our lives now: 

- Adam received a shiny graduate diploma
- We now live in the lovely Salt Lake Valley in Utah
- We live in a house with room to run, a backyard and a clothesline
- Adam has a good job (glory be! This is SUCH a blessing!)
- We have three beautiful children (did I mention THREE children?!?)

This has been quite a year.  Because of this, my life will look very different in the New Year, when Adam goes back to work, and I am on my own with three little people every day.  This has made me pretty nervous (because sometimes they all end up screaming for me/at me at the same time.  So, I have a few different plans for this next year, to help me still feel like a human, for trying to keep my life in order, and for coping with everyday life.  I will share those in a few days, but today, I wanted to do a little review of 2017, just for fun.  

First our 'sugar-free month' in January 

My 'Curated Closet' posts where I worked on finding my perfect closet (still working, but feeling pretty good about where it is at. If... I can get back into my jeans).

Our move to Utah (sort of in two parts)

Finding out and announcing we were pregnant with twins and many subsequent twin pregnancy posts (I really do look enormous here, don't I?  You sort of lose sight of that in the day to day.  No wonder my jeans still don't fit!)

Having the Twins, who are healthy, lovely and are totally wonderful.  A healthy pregnancy and babies has been SUCH a blessing for us!

It has been a wild and crazy year, and really so so good.  We feel very blessed and look forward to this next year!  Thanks for sticking with me in my lack of posting!  I am so grateful for all of you!

Happy New Year!


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  2. congratulations on a wonderful year and may there be many more ahead for you and your husband and your beautiful boys!

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