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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A few years ago, my mom told me that she was thinking about redoing my room and that I could decorate it however I liked. This sounded very fun at first. I looked at hundreds of pictures and finally decided on something that I thought would be just right. But, when it came down to actually making it a reality, we couldn't find the right fabric or the right paint for the room, and I tossed up my hands with a 'good riddance.'

Up until a few months ago, I felt exactly the same way about decorating. Even in college, the semi-permanence of it kept me from wanting to do anything drastic to the walls or furniture. I always hesitated to put up pictures or buy furniture for the apartments. But, as we were getting ready to move to Austin, I had to start thinking about how I wanted to decorate our apartment, because indifference rarely works as a color palette or style. Again, I began looking in books, on the internet and in stores to find the perfect look. I had almost certainly decided on a modern, chic and stainless steel for furniture, window hangings, pillows and appliances.

We got to Austin with almost nothing and we began looking around for good deals on furniture and pillows. One afternoon after looking at quite a few ugly pieces of furniture at one store, we impulsively went into an antique market next door. My feelings about decorating would never be the same. Suddenly a world of antiqued furniture, classical shapes and shabby chic decorating seemed so much more interesting and enticing than our original plan. We mulled over it. We looked at about a thousand pictures on the internet, refining our style to something like this.


Or This

Two days before we moved in, we went back the antique mall just in case we had missed anything wonderful the first time around and in a quick decision, literally 3 minutes before the store closed, we bought a small pale blue antiqued table. This was the only piece of furniture that we had for the first week. I still think that it was the perfect starting point, every time I walk past it.

Now we need to find some fun things to go on this table!

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  1. It's so fun to find your own style, especially when you can start from scratch!

    I want to see that fun little table in person!


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