Masculine Sweaters

Sunday, October 9, 2011

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Sometimes a man hears the word sweater and he thinks, "Sweaters? Those are for preppies and Bill Cosby. Nothing against Bill Cosby, but..." True, true: Mr. Cosby's refined tastes in knitwear are not for everyone; but that doesn't mean that his are the only sweater tastes out there. Afterall, don't tough sea fishermen also wear rugged sweaters? I think that most of them do. Especially during hurricanes when they have to kill sharks and hold their boats together with their bare hands.

Different Styles
This first one is a simple V-neck that you could wear with any kind of shirt underneath for a casual look or with a suit.

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This one is almost like a thick jacket. It is a little more rugged looking, nice for a cool evening in the mountains.

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This one is also more on the rugged side, but this one is a hooded pull-over. Good and casual.

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This last one is a simple cardigan that can be worn over a tee-shirt or over a casual button-up shirt with a narrow tie.

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Sometimes we might be a little hesitant to wear a sweater because it can make us look a little bit thicker through the torso: this can be true. Depending on your body type, this could be a good thing (for those of us who could use a little extra body mass or for those who are of a more athletic build, this could make you look all the more muscular). If you are concerned about that, you could consider wearing an open jacket over the sweater or wear the sweater open, like a jacket. This can take away from the round parts by drawing attention to the lines created by the opening of the sweater/jacket as well as the line between your shirt and trousers. Similar to this:

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Whatever you choose, a sweater can be a very versatile piece in your wardrobe that you can wear with a variety of other tops and bottoms. They are generally a bit more expensive than most shirts, but they are a nice in between to have when you want more than a shirt, but less than a jacket or coat.

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