It's in the bag (Part II)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Last time I talked a bit about bags in general. Today, let's talk about specific categories of bags. There are many different types of bags out there, but not all of them are created equally. I don't mean to say that one is better than another, but, rather, that sometimes one kind more appropriate than another.

The Backpack
Pros: great for students who like to keep it casual; adequate for an overnight trip somewhere; appropriate for the great outdoors.
Cons: Don't wear a backpack with a suit. Don't ever wear a backpack with a suit. When men do this it brings the casualness of the backpack and the formal nature of the suit colliding together in a massive explosion causing at least two of the Muses to weep bitter and fashion saturated tears. Plus it just screams "classless intern."
Here's a nice, rugged rucksack from H&M:

The Shoulder bag
Pros: great for a student with a relatively light payload; a stylish and less touristy place to keep your essentials while traveling; nice for the day to day wanderings of the urban man.
Cons: not the best when riding a bike, hiking, or running.
Here's a nice, sporty one from Gola:

The Briefcase
Pros: a little more on the formal/traditional end of the spectrum; in education or business, it can distinguish a more serious man of a certain level of class.
Cons: not so good when accompanying a more casual look; it looks a little out of place when outside of the academic or professional sphere.
A classy, modern look from Kenneth Cole:

The Tote/Weekend Bag
Pros: for when you have more style than your trousers have pockets for and you need a bag to carry the surplus.
Cons: some men aren't comfortable with these because they remind them too much of a woman's bag.
A discrete option from Zara:

The Mini-Messenger (a.k.a. The Man Bag, Man Purse, European Leather Carryall, etc)
Pros: the perfect size for getting the normal stuff out of your pockets; not overly bulky and in-the-way.
Cons: just as is often the case with the Tote (above), some men aren't comfortable sporting one of these; a little small for some things.
A simple brown option from Zara:

Whichever strikes your fancy and meets your needs, be confident in your choice and enjoy the extra space in your pockets.
Wear it well.
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  1. Love the overnight tote from Zara! My boyfriend would much prefer this to the very feminine alligator tote that I make him carry for me...

  2. I know! Even though the design on it is very simple, it is such a good look. You two should checkout some of the other bags that Zara has to offer. Thanks for the comment!

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