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Thursday, January 12, 2012

What girl doesn't love walking past a window full of wedding dresses? I, for one, love looking at big, beautiful white dresses, and trying them on was a delight when I was looking for mine!
When doing a bit of research on fashion designers today, I found some simply beautiful designs by Vera Wang.
I feel a sort of special connection with her because she ice skated before she entered the fashion world (I ice skated for about six years before and during high school). What amazed me was that she tried out for the Olympic team! I had no idea that she was such a talented skater. When she didn't make the team, she got a job in the fashion world. As she moved up in the ranks, she became the senior fashion editor at Vogue. She left Vogue and a few years later, she opened her own design salon and designed beauties such as this.

and this
and this.
(Pictures taken from this site)

Most of the information in this post is from Wikipedia, one of my favorite places for general info about everything.

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