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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Since Landen and I were a little short on packing space this last Christmas my parents gave us each a bit of money to spend on fun stuff for us. Remember that custom dress shirt I'm still waiting on? It was funded by a large portion of the kind donation to the Charitable Fund for Building-up of Adam's Closet. Well, I found a home for the last of it. Story:

Last Monday Landen had an appointment to go to on our way back from work and school. The place where she had said interview shared parking lots with a DSW. So, as she did her thing, I decided to kill some time by searching for the pair of casual, yet sporty shoes that my closet has been lacking. I perused the aisles of men's shoes in approximately 0 minutes without finding anything interesting. Then, I found the sale racks. And I found the following:

These beauties were $27 after a double-clearance mark down from $170. I love the shape, fit, and color of them. Most of my wardrobe is black and white, but these give me reason to branch out in other directions.

This simple, yet delightful, pair come to us from Cole Haan for $21. Yep. Cole Haan. $21. Bangarang. Soft Nubuck leather, simple design, and a surprisingly comfortable fit. Did I mention that they were $21? Because they were.

Although I didn't really find a casual pair of shoes, I can't complain about what I found: 2 pairs of slick dress shoes for under $50. And I'm ok with the fact that they are a little bit dressier that what I felt my closet needed. Dressing up a little more, makes me feel a little more up.
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