A home is a house with pictures on the walls

Saturday, March 3, 2012

For several months, we had completely blank walls. The vast expanses of cream colored wall were SO boring! I had a number of pictures ready to hang but because Adam's chandelier was unfinished, I wanted to wait so as not to put holes in the wall without knowing where all the pictures would be going . So they sat on the floor. Like this:

Now we have a collage wall, and a wall with a beautiful abstract painting that Merrick made for us for Christmas. It feels like a real home! Now I need to figure out what to put on that little blue table... one step at a time...


  1. It all looks so nice! I know what you mean about blank walls...we went WAY to long with blank walls. :)

  2. Adam, this reminds me of when we lived at Monticello and had the white wall of inspiration. We would sit on the couches and stare at it. Good times. Though this is perhaps more preferred and it looks really nice.

  3. Blank walls can be inspiring enough at 2 AM, but it has been fun to find and create stuff to put on them. Noel, I think that you could make something excellently cool to put up on your apartment wall.


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