Cat in the Hat

Friday, August 24, 2012

In this world there are some people look great in hats; a fine example is one Mr. The Cat:
(image from

Then there are others who don't really look at all cracking in their hats (e.g. Princess Beatrice, on right):
(image from

Then there's me.  See, I generally like the idea of hats and I love what they can do for some people (i.e. a fedora can do wonders for a platypus), but I've never really felt that I do them any sort of justice.  I'm not really a ball cap sort of fellow, and anything else makes me feel pretentious.  However, the other week I walked to our local library and during the 20 minute walk there, my majestic nose and noble brow both got lightly toasted.  You see, sometimes clouds and Texas aren't friends.
In light of our family reunion in Park City earlier this summer, where we were outside a good bit, I went and bought a hat.  It's neither as adventurous as some nor as regal as others, but it was to be had at an admirable price from JC Penny and it did the trick:

(hat: JC Penny, shirt:h&m (from Mike), jeans: Banana Republic, belt: Old Navy, shoes: Cole Haan (via DSW); basil: our balcony)

I don't know; is it too much?
If only I could find myself a proper fez.  They may not do much to keep the sun off your face, but, then again, who cares? Fezzes are cool.
Wear it well,


  1. You looked fantastic in that hat, but I think H looked better ;)

  2. HOLD ON. Are you a Doctor Who fan? Cause, if so, you just got a lot cooler in my book.

  3. Janssen, I think that you may be right on that one. That hat was made for her.
    Well done, Kayla. I wasn't sure if anyone here would get that. One must have healthy respect for anyone who maintains that bow ties are cool (and fezzes for that matter).

  4. If that was a Doctor Who reference, (which, reading through the comments I see it was) you are so awesome. You are right, fezzes are cool.


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