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Friday, September 7, 2012

We normally don't do two posts in one day, but we're making an exception with this one because it is time sensitive; at least more time sensitive than those letters from Visa.

Today Macy's (or "Macy*s" as they like to label themselves) is having a fairly exceptional sale on men's suits.  Now, Macy's almost always has a great sale on suits, which is one reason why they are my #1 go-to for suit shopping, but today they are knocking off a few extra bucks.  Here are a few gems:

This first one is from Alfani (an in-house Macy's brand).  It's made of a light grey, sharkskin fabric.  I've never had an Alfani suit, but I've had shirts and shoes before that I've been quite happy with.  This one comes in separates with trousers and jacket ringing in at $70 and $150, respectively.

This second suit is also from Alfani.  It's a linen job coming in two light colors.  A linen suit will wrinkle a bit more easily than a wool one, but it is nice and cool for summer or early autumn.  Again, this comes in separates priced at $37 and $80 (trousers and jacket); that price is hard to beat.

Number 3 comes from the Kenneth Cole Reaction line.  It is a light brown suit with a reasonably subtle stripe to it.  It comes as a full suit with trousers and jacket together (with a 7 inch drop from jacket to trouser size) for -prepare yourself- $110.  It may be a polyester/rayon mix, but it's $110.

This conservative work horse hails from the hallowed halls of Michael Kors.  It's a no-frills, navy-coloured wool suit for $180.  Again, this one is to be purchased as a whole (not in separates) with a 7 inch drop between the two pieces.  Wool.  Michael Kors.  $180.  

I know that this is a tuxedo, and I know that most men don't need their own tuxedo; but I also know that some of them do need one (or two), so I present to you a $270 wool tuxedo from Ralph Lauren.  The buttons and notched lapel are in satin; the jacket is 2 button; the trousers are pleated-front, but still appear to have a nice, slim line to them.  A bargain really.  And it's a tuxedo.  

Some people have reservations about buying suits online, but Macy's has a pretty excellent return policy and shipping is free with a >$99 purchase, which any suit would be.  But perhaps the best thing that I've seen about these suits on sale is that they still have plenty of sizes available, which isn't normally the case for big sales events like this one.  So if you or someone you know needs/wants a new suit, send them over to to check things out. Who knows, they may find something they'll be really happy with.  I did.


suit: Tommy Hilfiger, light cotton, $120 from Macy's

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