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Monday, September 3, 2012

Over the last week or more I've been having a hard time coming up with ideas for posts.  Actually I've had plenty of ideas for posts, but my motivation has been waning.  Why?  Because I generally write about men's fashion, and most of you who look in on our blog are women coming from one of my sisters-in-law's blogs (http://merricksart.blogspot.com/ or http://www.everyday-reading.com/); and sometimes I doubt that any of you are overloading Blogger.com's servers just to read about my preferences in shoe polish...

But today as I was making some granola (See "Illustration 1" below) I did some thinking about why I continue to blog about menswear on a blog that is read mostly by women.  I came up with 3 reasons; they are as follows:

1) It's something that I get to do and talk about with Landen; and that's hard to beat.

2) Perhaps someday we'll have a large enough audience that what I have to say will be more relevant.

3) Those who read may find something that could be useful to some guy they know (be it a spouse, brother, roommate, friend, or guy at the grocery store who really needs it).  I recognize that a lot of guys out there don't care a whole lot about clothing, and -generally speaking- that's no travesty.  But sometimes it is.  So for their sake, and for those among you who live with or around them and who just can't take any more of their white socks with Chaco sandals (or whatever), I'll try to put up ideas that you can gently suggest to someone in need.

That said, here's the best way to nudge us in the right direction: compliment us when we do something right.  For the majority of jr. high and high school I was a baggy jeans and hoody kind of kid.  One day I wore a dress shirt I bought for a school dance with some jeans, and a friend of mine in math class commented that I looked really nice that day.  That changed everything.  Stay positive, and tell us when we do something you like.  It really can make a difference.

I'll shut up now.  Thanks for reading.

Illustration 1: Adam Making granola thinking about blogging


  1. Ha, I do come here because I read Merrick and Janssen. But I actually like reading about menswear. (Besides, it's not like I actually dress like any of the other fashion blogs I read.) I look forward to more posts.

  2. That is a fantastic illustration.

  3. LOVE this blog!!! Please continue your advice. Honestly, that last paragraph alone was helpful. I will try to take that advice- it's great. Love your and Landen's style!

  4. Saskia, that's how I am: I'll look at fashion blogs and runway shows regardless of the targeted sex, but will rarely follow what I see. Thanks for reading!
    Janssen, I'm glad that my progress in Microsoft Word doodles is noticeable.
    Kristen, I'll keep blogging if you do; I love your posts!


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