A few looks that I'm loving

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

 Date Night:  
I love the dark colors and the texture of the pants.  I am really loving the return of the tie neck too. (Banana Republic)


 I am loving the J Crew pencil skirt,and as always,  love a good stripe. I like how simple and classy this look is.


I think this picture in general is beautiful, but look at that fun combination of fall colors and the skinny pant, dress shirt, sweater, jacket combo.  This just works for me. 

All of these outfits are very mix and match to suit the purpose and that is just how I like my closet to be.  A little of everything. 
And now for a style that I am not loving so much... I saw it and just started laughing.  No thank, Zara, I won't be buying this one piece zip up anytime soon...

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