It's in the details

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You know how little kids love wearing Superman underwear because it makes them feel awesome, even though no one else can see it?  That is how I feel about clothes that have a fun little detail or two incorporated into them that may or may not be see by anyone but you.  To me, it shows the designer put a little extra thought into it. My examples are almost all visible, but I love a blazer that has a nifty, contrasting lining, or a purse with cute zipper pulls that you might not notice at first glance.  You just have to love that fun detail that makes your item special!

jacket: Anthropologie (old); tee: J.C. Penney; button-back top: Anthropologie; 
 dress: Shabby Apple (old)

I also found a few pieces with fun details that I am loving right now! 
 clutch: Francesca's Collections; necklace:  Anthropologie;  sweater: Anthropologie;  shoes: DSW


  1. Ha! The comment about superman underwear is classic!

    And very fun finds..I love that little bow clutch!


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