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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I began teaching a six year-old Sunday school class at church in January.  The first day I taught, one of the little girls told me in a very matter-of-fact way that my knee-length skirt was too short, and that I should have worn a dress because they are much longer.  I was amused at being told off by a 6 year-old especially since her dress probably didn't hit her knees, but I have tried to humor her by sporting a few of my most modest looks (including the occasional  longish dress) since January.  
Behold, the reformed Landen, as conservative as they come: 

sweater: Anthropologie; dress: Primark; belt: Target; tights: Ross; shoes: gift from mom; watch: sparkly Christmas gift
(note: with the exception of the watch, all these links are similar to products)


  1. Ha!! Oh no!! I can't believe someone said your skirt was too short. You always look great (and modest) ;)
    Good for you taking it in stride :)

  2. Love your blog {I swoon over the name you gave it}. I think others have nominated you as well, but I've "seconded" your nomination for the Liebster award:

  3. Yeah, I have a 6 year old, and they come up with funny things. She may have meant that in general, dresses are longer than skirts. I mean, hold a dress up to a skirt. Which is longer? Obviously. So if you're comfortable in it, don't worry about what she said, because she may not mean it the way you think.


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