Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My fabulous mother came for a visit this past weekend, and we went on a shopping excursion to Forever 21.  Often I walk out of Forever 21 feeling totally overwhelmed by the amount of clothing that they have, but this time, my mom helped sift through the racks and racks (and racks and racks!!) of clothing to find this lace sleeved gem.  I am welcoming it with open arms into my closet! Classic and feminine, and light and cool.   This is a style that I can get behind! 


lace top: Forever 21 (I also really like this one); skirt: made by me (similar); shoes: Jessica Simpson (similar); undershirt: downeast basics;  necklace: boutique in London


  1. Love this top! and your necklace... and pretty much this whole outfit. <3 p.s. I feel exactly the same at forever 21, I usually only get to the cheap jewelry area and call it a day.

  2. Did I really make that skirt?? I have no memory of this. Uh oh.

    You look so lovely!

  3. Oops! I actually made that skirt... Guess I will have to change that!


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