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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Have you ever seen "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown,"  the musical?  If you haven't, you should find out if it is being performed anywhere near you, because it is really a delightful experience.  It is one of my family's favorites, and I love so many songs from this musical.  Overall, it is sweet, funny and fresh.  There is a song in it called Happiness.  It talks all about what happiness is (two kinds of ice cream, having a sister, catching a firefly, etc.).  I was thinking about that song today and thinking about all the things that happiness means to me this week.  The list is as follows:

1.  Happiness is... having Adam back from Scout Camp.  He was gone all of last week, and I really missed having his wonderful self here when I got home from work each night. I missed the big bear hugs to melt away the frustrations and stress of the day.  Also, I only ate a real dinner on the days when I ate with Janssen.  I am not a consistent cook when no one is here to eat it with me... It is so great to have him back again!  

2.  Happiness is... a big squeeze from this cute girl!  Man, I will miss her now that Janssen has moved to North Carolina!  She came over every Sunday after church and we would play games, do crafts, and eat snacks (her favorite was when I had frozen chocolate chips to share).  

3.  Happiness is... having spontaneous late night peanut butter cup/peanut butter/ice cream sundaes with a friend and a sister on a week night.  Such a good idea and fun memories with friends.  

4.  Happiness is... eating this soup for dinner.  I am obsessed.  One of the best parts about summer is that Adam is home most days and often dinner is ready when I walk in the door.  It is SO FABULOUS!  Especially when I am really hungry and this amazing tomato soup is waiting for me.  I don't even like tomatoes that much, but this soup is a little bit of heaven.

What does happiness mean to you today?  


  1. making this soup tonight! Thanks for the idea. Also, loved seeing your blouse yesterday. So pretty on you!

  2. i LOVED this post! You are awesome. I love happy things :)

  3. Love this picture of you and H!

  4. I need a house-husband :)

    And we miss you so much. Today H looked around in Sacrament Meeting and said, "Why are there only different people here?"


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