Christmas Cheer!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A few thing I love about Christmas time:

- Seeing a Christmas Movie a day or two before Christmas.  We saw Frozen   
  on Monday night and I loved it!  So cute!  
- Having lunch with my Grandparents.  We have spend the last few years 
  going back and forth between SLC and Las Vegas, and every year we have 
  had lunch with my Grandparents at some fun place.  It is always a pleasure
  to spend time with them!  
- Playing games with the family: I always love playing a few games with the
  people we love!  Last  night we played a rousing game of Domino's.  Last
  year we played Qwirkle about 6 times with my brother Crawford.  I always 
  look forward to spending time playing games.  
- Eating loads of delicious food: We may have outdone ourselves this year.
  We have eaten out almost every meal at one delicious place after another.   
- Feeling loved and loving others: Spending time with family always reminds
  me how important it is to have family and keeping our family ties close.
- Remembering the Birth of Christ and reading the Christmas Story:  My  
  family always read the Christmas Story from Luke and I love this part of our 
  Christmas Eve.  Remembering the life and mission of Christ reminds me of 
  the kind of person that I need to become.  
  Christmas is a wonderful time to remember Christ and come closer to him!  



  1. Oh, I miss you both so so much.

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