Looking Forward: Goals for 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I have been reading The Happiness Project these last few days, and been inspired yet again to set goals for 2014.  Sometimes I feel like goals are just nice shiny things to be made and broken 3 weeks later, but this year, I am trying a new technique that will hopefully help me work on a more day/week/month basis which will hopefully help me stay accountable each day/week/month. I usually break them down by category, but I am hoping this new method will help me focus more on the day to day for long-term habits and accomplishments.  A few years ago, I typed out my goals and posted them on the door to our medicine cabinet.  I was more successful making those goals happen than I ever have before, because I read them every single day while I got ready.  It reminded me of what I need to be doing and how to make it happen.  Hopefully this year's set will be just as successful!  I have thought a lot about what I want to become as a person, but I have realized that often you have to take daily/weekly steps doing things in order to become something, so hopefully by doing some of these things, I will become something better.

A sampling of each, for your viewing pleasure:

- Put it away NOW!
- Exercise TODAY! (4 days per week)
- Take 3 pictures today (including one of myself)
- Study 15 min of French per day and speak 30 min with Adam.

- Family History/Indexing for 30 min on Sunday
- Send out Birthday gifts or cards for Family members and close friends

- Do one art installation in dining area (1 every 3 mos)
- Attend or host at least one social event per month.

I am always interested and inspired by things that other people want to spend their time on or think are valuable traits to develop.

Happy New Year!  

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  1. Put it away now is such great advice. My life is much better when I do that.


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