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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The office where I work just moved a few months ago and I have had to re-route my drive and my lunchtime habits to accommodate our new location.  I have always enjoyed quiet and solitude, and would almost always prefer eating lunch with the company of an interesting book to a group of people, so it was quite thrilling to me to find a wonderful little spot right down the road where I can eat lunch, listen to my audiobook in the car and gaze out over the little creek with its trees, turtles and the occasional grey or white heron.  Finding nature has become almost a hobby of mine.  Collecting little places of loveliness to store away for a rainy day. This is making me sound like a loner.  I really do like people. but I talk constantly with people at my job, and having a little break during the day is such a pleasure.  I hope you get a chance this week to get out and enjoy a little peace and quiet in nature.

And sometimes the train drives by!!!
top: downeast basics// pants: forever 21// shoes: gift from mom// jacket: anthro (similar)// necklace: amazon// earrings: forever 21


  1. You look gorgeous! I'm loving that sweater.

  2. Loving those shoes and pants paired together!


  3. This outfit really does look good on you!


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