The Grey Vest

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

For the coming spring, I decided to make a few pieces of clothing to help round out my wardrobe and getting it ready for the seasonal changes.  This vest was an experimental piece that I made.  I decided a high collar would give it some flare, and I sort of love the industrial utility of the fabric and buttons.  I tried a few different designs, most of them centering around a utility-type vest. In the end, with the fabric, buttons and shape I chose, the drawstring was the wrong choice and I left it sack-like (In the most attractive way possible).  

shirt: clothing swap(similar)// vest: made by me(similar)// jeans: kohl's(similar)// shoes: dsw// earrings: claire's(similar)


  1. This looks AMAZING. Seriously, I would never have guessed you made it.

  2. love these pics! And love the background... Georgetown?

  3. Oh my gosh TUTORIAL THIS SUCKER. <3 that collar.

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments! Allison, they were taken in Georgtown! Best place ever to take pics. Caroline, I am working on a tutorial that will hopefully be done in a few days :)


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