Birthday Festivities

Friday, September 12, 2014

Yesterday,  Adam had a birthday!  Growing up, my parents always made a really big deal of birthdays.  The whole family would come into your room first thing in the morning singing "Happy Birthday" carrying stacks of presents and breakfast (always including a rare and precious sugary cereal like Reese's Puffs) on a tray.  It was all very exciting, and always made for very little sleep the night before.  As an adult, birthdays are somewhat less exciting, because most of the time work/school/life still moves on, and you might have a few minutes to enjoy, but overall, it usually feels about like a regular day with lots of birthday wishes via text, call and facebook and a few fun gifts.  Fun, but sort of normal.  Adam had school stuff most of the day yesterday, so we decided to have a little birthday celebration in the form of a dinner.  My parents will be here next weekend and we are going to take them to all our favorite restaurants, so Adam decided that we would do a little at home birthday party with some friends.  As a kid, we always got to pick what mom would make for our birthday dinner(my favorite was little roasted red potatoes with pork loin roast), and so I told Adam to pick whatever he wanted for dinner and he settled on pizza, breadsticks, salad and then I told him I wanted to make a cheesecake, and he agreed.  I really was quite proud of the cheesecake because it was DANG delicious, so I had to post a picture or two, and celebrate Adam a little today, even though I am a day late!
Happy Birthday, to the best guy I know!  

The Recipes I used are as follows:  
Pizza dough (Hint of Honey) - I made a pepperoni pizza and a roasted purple pepper/onion/pesto pizza.  
Breadsticks (Mel's Kitchen Cafe)- Great, but even better dipped in garlic butter
Cheesecake (Delightfully Tacky) - this took a very long time to make, but was totally worth it.  


  1. How fun! It was my husbands birthday yesterday too! We had BBQ Pork Wonton Cups (crazy things my kids came up with on a whim) , homemade coleslaw and Crazy Cake!

  2. We love Adam. So so glad you married him.


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