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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

These Molasses Spice cookies from Smitten Kitchen - I made them on a whim a few weeks ago when I didn't have any other cookie making supplies (aka: peanut butter, oats, or chocolate chips) and they were AMAZING!!  They taste a little like gingersnaps, but way better, I thought.  That may be because I am not a huge fan of gingersnaps, but I thought these were quite fantastic!  Soft, chewy and they basically taste like fall in a cookie.

This blazer from J. Crew Factory - When my parents were in town this weekend, my mom and I spent some time at the outlets.  We saw this gorgeous thing on sale and I just had to get it!  It fits like a dream!  Seriously.  It reminded me why I wish all of my clothes were from J. Crew (and Anthropologie...).

Lean In - this was a very inspiring book for me!  I always need a good kick in the pants to get moving on projects and move my Etsy shop and blog forward, and this was a great read!  She has great things to say about taking control of your career and some ways to do this.

City by Sara Bareilles - This song is soft and lovely and perfect for a crisp fall evening!

This cat fail video - Nothing makes me laugh quite like a good cat fail video... This one is my favorite.

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