Week Thirty-Four

Friday, November 21, 2014

Only 6 weeks to go!  Baby is now approximately the size of a cantaloupe and probably as darling as ever. We do have another ultra-sound in a few weeks (I think the first week in December or so), and I am getting quite excited to see him one more time before we get to meet him!
It is very surreal still that we are having a baby in a few weeks.  I have been thinking about this for months, but now that it is almost here, I am freaking out, just a little bit.  Thankfully we now have just about everything that we will need for him. I have one or two necessities to buy before he comes, but other than that, we are pretty much ready for him to come!  So crazy, and so exciting!!

sweater: clothing swap// shirt: gap// necklace: not sure... it is old// skirt: ann taylor factory// boots: dsw


  1. Looking so FABULOUS even at 8 months pregnant!! Love that skirt.

  2. It's so exciting the last few weeks (and it seems they take the longest!) Enjoy eating breakfast sitting down, taking a nice long bath or shower and watch a movie in its entirety!! :)


  3. The back lighting in these photos is gorgeous (as are you)


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