Transforming a closet into a bedroom: Part 2

Friday, May 1, 2015

I will admit, this is not the most exciting post ever.  I have not completely finished the "nursery" yet (I don't know if I will ever be 'finished' decorating any space we ever live in), and I hope to add some  newborn photos, maybe a family picture in Fox's closet, and possibly a mobile (if you have any good ideas for a cute mobile that we can do on the cheap, let me know), but I am pretty happy with it for now.  It is clean, simple (and super dark most of the time) and I love our crib!  (To see part 1, click here

A few things we did to make this mini-nursery work:

1. We bought a mini-crib.  We were originally going to use a pack-n-play, but when I came across a
      mini-crib on the internet, I was hooked, and we love the one we have. It gives a nice sense of 
      permanence to the space.   
2.  We stacked some drawer units that we had already on top of each other.  This gave us a little more 
      storage in his closet and lets us keep all our baby stuff with the baby, rather than having it spill  
      over into our room (there is still some baby stuff around our apartment, but a lot less).  
3.  We added an extra shelf above the original shelf in the closet, which gave us more storage space to
     keep clothes that he doesn't fit in yet.  
4.  Currently, we keep a few flat things under his crib (the travel bed we will be taking to Europe and
     a largish baby blanket) under the bed to utilize the storage space better.  We also keep his small 
     laundry basket in the closet.  

We will probably need to move the Fantastic Mr. Fox pictures once he gets big enough to flip around and pull them off the wall, but I am enjoying having them up right now.  This closet is a great fit for him, and we love having him nice and close to us.  I would love to hear if you have done something like this for your baby.  We love a good closet nursery, and would love to see or hear about yours!  Happy Friday!

Crib:  Amazon
Crib Sheets:  Amazon
Storage Drawers: Walmart
Black Bins:  Bed Bath and Beyond (Apparently they don't sell black anymore)
Fantastic Mr. Fox Prints:  Prints and Printables


  1. So cute! Babies don't need alot of room when they are little so a closet room is perfect! As far as a mobile have you thought about making a felt one? They have some cute ones on Etsy (sure you've looked) that have patterns you can buy and felt is super cheap! Or there's some cute ones that look more like a wall hanging and you can get a mobile arm and put it on it! I love this one!

    Enough rambling have a good weekend!

    1. Thanks, Ruth! Those ideas are great! I will have to explore Etsy some more, because I am sure there are tons of great pattern out there!

  2. I love what you guys did to that closet! That crib is seriously so cute!

  3. Abby slept in the closet for the first 9 months of her life. When we moved to Philly, she had a hard time sleeping in a room that wasn't pitch black.

    1. Nice! We thought a lot about that, and decided that it would try to leave the door open to the closet during his naps so that he can tell the difference between night and day. So far it seems to be working okay :) Hopefully when we go on vacation, or to France this summer, he will be able to sleep somewhere besides the closet!

  4. I love this idea! How do you control the closet's temperature? Does it get too hot or too cold? Do you shut the door when baby sleeps?

    1. We knew the closet was cooler than the rest of the apartment, so when we first brought Fox home from the hospital, we pulled the crib out of the closet next to our bed so he would be a little warmer (it was January, so it was pretty cold at night). Now, we keep the door open to help regulate the temperature and air flow, except for the 15 or 20 minutes when we are getting ready for bed. In the evening, when he goes to bed, we only leave the door open about 4 inches, so that it is pretty dark in the closet.

  5. We did a fox theme for our sons' nursery, as well. He was born January 27th, so he's close in age to yours! Anyway, I've got all the materials to make this cute, inexpensive fox origami mobile for his room... Just need to get around to it! I bought a wreath frame from Michael's for about $7 to hang the origami from. The instructions are a little difficult to follow for someone not versed in origami, but make sense once you get the hang of them!

  6. I know this post is older now, but I just stumbled across it. How big is the closet space? My Husband and I are moving to a one bedroom apartment with a walk in closet that isn't huge. We're considering thinking about having a child in the next year or so and I'd love to be able to stay in the one bedroom apartment. I love small spaces and I don't think we need anything bigger than one bedroom!


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