Paris: Part 2

Monday, June 1, 2015

Sadly, our time in Paris is over, but we are on to fun and exciting things in Lyon!  Before I move onto any of that, I thought I ought to revisit our last few days in Paris.

I mentioned in my last post that this trip has been vastly different than my last trip to Paris, but in some ways, I liked it even better.  There was less pressure to get to all the big sites (although, I actually did see just about everything), and more time to wander, enjoy and spend time with my family.  That is my favorite part about trips, and so it has been a more meaningful trip than my last one.

The Tuileries.  One of my very favorite places in Paris.  I am not sure why I like it so much.  I guess because it is a peaceful spot among the busy traffic, tons of people and the rush of tourists.  There are usually lots of people there, but somehow life slows down a little around the Tuileries.  A perfect place for a picnic, or a little stroll.  

Arc de Triomphe

Adam went up the Arc, and I thought about going up to the top, but in the end decided against it.  I am actually super glad, because I randomly ended up running into a family friend who just happened to be at the Arc at the same time! It was great to see her, because it has been a few years, and so fun to catch up a little and hear about her trip so far!  I knew she was in Europe, but had no idea she was coming to Paris!

 This restaurant is older than the United States.  That is a little crazy to me.  

 Fox, enjoying a Parisian cafe and wishing for his own Croque Monsieur

 This is one of my very favorite shots from all my Paris photos.  This isn't the official lock bridge in Paris, but apparently there are a few bridges with loads of locks on them now.  The variety and excess of locks makes them look really cool!  
 Notre Dame from the back
 Pere Lachaise.  Aka, the coolest cemetery I have ever been to!  It is beautiful and so peaceful.  We spent a nice couple of hours wandering around, because it is huge.  

 A random shop in the Latin Quarter.  The Latin Quarter is just across the river from Notre Dame, and it has lots of fun restaurants, and a nifty night scene.  We got dinner and ice cream over there one night, and stopped by this cool shop.  

Adam has spent so much time in Paris that I don't think he would mind if we had skipped the Eiffel Tower on this trip, but I really wanted to go.  So, we made the trek out there, and it was so worth it!  It is just such a lovely building.  Plus, we got a nutella crepe there, which I will never say no to.  

That wraps up our trip to Paris, but stay tuned for lots of pictures of Lyon, and probably LOADS of food.  We plan to take advantage of 6 weeks in the gastronomic capital of France!  


  1. We went to that love lock bridge too. I know it sounds crazy when I say this but I totally think I can see the lock my sister put on the fence a month ago in that photo. Insane, I know with the sheer number of locks people put on that thing!

  2. Looks like you're having a wonderful time enjoying the sites!

  3. These pictures look so so so pretty! My husband and I are going to Paris next year when the temple finally finishes getting built around December so your blog has kind of turned into my travel guide!


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