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Friday, July 31, 2015

Before we had Fox, I knew one of the items that I wanted was a baby carrier.  Originally I wanted to go cheap, so I made a ring sling that baby Fox was not puddly enough for, then I bought a Bjorn at a garage sale that hurt my back like crazy. It was seriously awful.

After two lousy experiences, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a nicer carrier that would hopefully last through a few children.  Adam and I have decided that as part of living a minimalist life, we need to buy the right item even if it costs a little more up front, rather than buying a bunch of different items that might not be exactly the right thing and will need to be replaced quickly (of course, I made one type of carrier, and then bought another one... clearly I am great example...).

The more I researched, the more the brand "Líllébaby" kept popping up. When I looked them up, "The Líllébaby Complete" had all the features I was looking for, so, I bought one right before we went to France.  I used it constantly while we were in France and thought it was a perfect choice for our trip.

Right before we came home to Texas, Líllébaby contacted me, and wanted me to review another style.  To say I was thrilled is an understatement.  I really love most of the features on the Airflow that we currently have, but I wanted to try a similar carrier with a softer fabric.  The Embossed Líllébaby Complete has a nice soft fabric while keeping all the features that I love from the Airflow:

- This carrier is dang comfortable.  This is big in my book (and probably every parent's), because carrying a baby can be hard on your back, and having him in this carrier balances his weight well and makes him easy to carry around.   Plus, I love that I can have him close to me and still be hands-free.  It makes my life so much easier.  Particularly when I am carrying 4 grocery bags and a purse up the stairs to our apartment.

- The carrier can be adjusted for small babies. I borrowed a different brand of carrier from a friend that didn't have this feature, and I felt like 3 month-old Fox was really uncomfortable with his legs spread so wide.  It was so nice to see how much more comfortable he was with the seat folded in.

- Baby wearing can be HOT, particularly in Austin, and it is nice when your carrier isn't made out of a heavy material that traps the heat in.  I was surprised with how breathable the embossed collection is! Líllébaby also has a mesh option (I have a tan Airflow) and a cotton option with a zip down panel, both of which are pretty nifty.

- I love that the carriers have a pocket.  It is great to be able to tuck my keys in it when I am carrying the groceries in.  I also used my pocket a ton in France for my metro card, a pacifier, a small toy, or money. Pockets are definitely a must in my book.

- I love that you can wear the Líllébaby so many ways.  They have 6 different positions for carrying your baby. We've only tried two, but the one that originally sold me was the outward facing option.  Not too many carriers have this, and I have a baby who wants to see the world. A word of caution, though: a teething baby makes for a super slobbery carrier front.  We learned this the hard way.

Everyone has different needs in a baby carrier, and no carrier is one size fits all, but this one comes as close as any that I have seen!  So many options for carrying and adjustability, as well as temperature and color. It is a solid carrier, and I absolutely love the two that we have!  Keep it up, Líllébaby!  You win in my book!

(photos taken in front of the Baylor Street Art Wall)
This post is in partnership with Lillebaby.  They sent me a carrier to review, but all my opinions are my own.  


  1. How fun! And these photos are fantastic!

  2. That carrier looks like a dream! We currently have the Boba 3G that was gifted to me after having our daughter last year and its definitely not my favorite! I'll have to look into this brand for sure!

  3. Your hair looks amazing! (And that carrier looks great!)

  4. Ooo! I'm choosing a carrier from Lillebaby right now - and I'm torn between the airflow and the embossed. I like the color/softest of the embossed, but I live in Arizona. Now that you've used both, which would you recommend for hot desert living? AKA, is the embossed really comparable to the airflow?

    1. Meg!
      Such a tough choice!!! I would say they are pretty equal in breathability. I was surprised at how cool the embossed was after using my airflow. I would say color affects the heat levels more than the fabric (The embossed is much softer). My tan airflow was cooler than the navy embossed, but honestly I am quite sure it was more from color. When it wasn't sunny outside, they felt very similar. Hopefully that helps! I am SO excited for you! Lillebaby is the best!

  5. Hi! Loved hearing you have it in Austin and it's cool enough! How does the embossed do in the winter? Does it stay warm enough? Thank you!

    1. The embossed Lillebaby does pretty well in the winter! The sun cover is a nice feature to trap all the warmth in when they are sleeping and I often will wear a longish jacket over ours, and sometimes button my baby inside it, with his head sticking out the top. That keeps him pretty warm when we are out on cold days.

  6. How would you compare the complete organic to the complete airflow as far as summer times go? I love the look and feel of the organic but I don't want it to be super hot.


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