Our Christmas Trip to Salt Lake City

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

We spent a delightful Christmas in Salt Lake City with Adam's family!  We surprised his parents by flying out (I am working on a video about the surprise that will be coming shortly), and had a wonderful time seeing SLC.  

While we were there, we visited the Hogle Zoo, the Aquarium, the Leonardo museum (we saw the mummy display) and spent lots of time with family and friends! 

Fox was completely enamored with Adam's mom and loved spending time with Adam's dad!  It was darling and I was thrilled that he took such a liking to them both!   

Fox was also a terrific traveler, particularly on our trip home, where our flight arrived late, so we missed our connection by about a minute.  The woman at the airline rescheduled us for a flight about 45 minutes later and while we were waiting to board the new flight, they handed out free apple pie (we flew home on Christmas Day)!  That made all of us happy! 

Overall, we are SO glad we decided to go to Utah for the break!  I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and have wonderful plans for the New Year!  

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