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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This week, I went to pick up my CSA box, and the box with our name on it wasn't there.  I had brought along a somewhat squirmy Fox, and tried to figure out what to do quickly (He likes being in the carrier, but always wants to be moving). Finally, after a moment of reflection, I called our CSA and asked them what I needed to do.

The receptionist told me they could do a home delivery on Friday, or I could take the other medium box that was still there, and they would take the fall if the other box holder hadn't picked his up yet... Our fridge was mostly empty, so I decided to take the box.  Here's for hoping I didn't steal someone else's vegetables!

We had a few fun things this week!  I was thrilled with how a few of the recipes turned out.  I was also really happy when I babysat for some good friends while they went out for Valentine's day, and they brought back the most delicious pork chop from one of our favorite restaurants (Thanks, Allison!).

 (Udon Noodle Stir Fry)

Here is a breakdown of what this week looked like for us:

This week, I needed to use up:
brussel sprouts
salad mix
spring onion

(A simple, delicious green salad)
Weekly Menu: 
Udon Noodle Stir Fry - from the back of the package of Udon noodles.  I adapted it a bit, and will probably share it here soon.
Fennel and Onion Pizza with a balsamic reduction - I have made 2 or 3 variations of this one over the last few weeks.  I am in love with it.
Kale and Cabbage Salad with Cashew Dressing - I was surprised at how much I loved this one.  The cashew dressing was incredible and SO addictive!
Pork from Perry's Steakhouse with a green salad
Beet waffles with lemon cream - I will be posting these soon.  They were delicious!
Mung bean soup - I thought this was sort of flavorless.  I ended up adding ginger and garlic and a bit of sea salt, and then it was pretty good.
Pasta and White Beans - This was surprisingly good.  I subbed in cream for the tomato sauce, left out the celery and made homemade semolina pasta (my first time making it! Adam is usually the pasta maker in our home!).

This really was a terrific week for food!  In addition to the dinners that I made,  I also made a lemon ice cream with hibiscus and orange syrup and an angel food cake that tastes like donuts!

(Pork Chop from Perry's)
Did you eat anything great this week?


  1. This box sounds like it was a great one! At least I would have known how to cook most of the things in it, which is always encouraging. I would be so scared if I got something crazy and obscure because I'm not very adventurous in the kitchen.

  2. That's the fun of it, Paige- it creates spontaneity in the kitchen!
    Katie, Tecolote Farm


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