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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This past week has been a blur.  Adam was off of work/school for spring break, and despite the fact that the week went by pretty slowly, it has become a blur in my memory.  Mostly a good blur, I think!  We did a few fun things as a family, like a hike, a few walks around the neighborhood, and a trip or two to the park.  I made lots of bread, and Adam tried his hand at making beet flavored pasta (it was only somewhat successful, but a fun attempt!).

Overall, it was great having some time to spend together.  Having lots of family time always reminds me that that that is what really matters the most.  More than food, more than stuff, my family will always be the most important thing in my life.

And I try to show them that daily by feeding them delicious things.   And we ate some tasty things this week!

Here is what we needed to use up:


This week's menu:  

Cabbage and Corn Tacos with Cilantro Lime Ranch Dressing - Cabbage is such an unloved vegetable, but throw a little lime juice on it and let it marinate for a few minutes, and purple cabbage becomes a favorite for me!
Beet Soup - This will always be one of my favorites.
Beet Pasta - Semi-successful.  We will try again soon.
White Bean and Carrot Salad - I have made this one a TON in the last few weeks.  I really love it.
Turnip and Carrot Quiche - This was technically a frittata, because I dumped the crust in the sink on accident right before I added the filling... Such a face palm moment.
Waffles with Yogurt and Strawberry Jam - We may have eaten these for breakfast.  At any rate, these are some of my favorites.
Fancy Baked Potatoes - Eat these with an herbed cheese.  You won't regret it.

Happy Wednesday!  

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  1. When I get home, I'm going to make this white bean and carrot salad!! It looks delightful :)


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