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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

This week, I totally felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants for dinner just about every night.  I made up a few meals on the spot, and improvised a few other times.  As you can see, we had pizza twice (not such a bad thing), and the quiche was a last minute decision, too.  Some weeks are just like that, I guess.

Surprisingly, many of the dishes turned out pretty well.  I was thrilled with the pizza (the potato pesto one was a particular favorite of Adam's), and the rutabaga hash was not bad at all.  The lentil soup I had made before, and liked it them, too, and quiche is usually a win in our house (unless I drop the crust in the sink).

Food to use up: 

Russet Potato
Daikon Radish
Sweet Potato

Menu for this week:

Apple, Cheddar, Sage Pizza & Potato Pesto Pizza - We had dinner with some friends this week and ended up several really tasty pizzas.  They were thrown together pretty last minute, and super easy, but they turned out deliciously!
Thai Salad from The Moosewood Cookbook - A peanut recipe is always a win in my book.
Red Lentil Soup
Homemade Cheese Pizza with salad
Rutabaga, Potato Hash from Feast - my first time eating rutabaga.  Not too bad!
Spinach and Spring Onion Quiche - This is a similar recipe to what I used.
Pesto Pasta with Roasted Sweet Potato - This was a delicious 30 minute meal that I came up with this afternoon.  It was a real win!

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