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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Springtime has come to Texas.  The blue bonnets are blooming, other wildflowers dot the sides of the highway, and the mornings are crisp and beautiful!  It has already hit the 90's a few times, but I am hopeful for a few more weeks of the glorious and walkable mornings!

We are still finishing up the last of the winter greens and root vegetables in our CSA share while the summer veggies are growing.  I am really looking forward to the purple bell peppers and zucchini that come with summertime!  I am not looking forward to the 100°F+ weather.

Veggies that needed to be used up:

Salad Mix
Sweet Potato
Red Cabbage

Weekly Menu Plan:

Chinese Salad (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free if you leave out the chicken, chow-mien noodles and use tamari instead of soy sauce) and Fried Rice (vegetarian) -
I love fried rice, and it is such a cheap meal.  This recipe in particular, is so simple and tastes delicious!  The salad is great, and we left chicken out of it.
Leek and Chard Tart (vegetarian, gluten-free if you use a gluten-free crust) -
This is an incredibly delicious way to use up chard.  Or pretty much any green.
Parmesan Turnip Gratin (vegetarian, egg-free)- I modified this one a little bit.  Gruyere is expensive, so I used Parmesan, which I already had.  I also didn't have enough cream, so I used whole milk, and it still worked just fine.
Sweet Potato Kale Salad (vegetarian, egg-free, gluten-free) - This was quite good. We actually didn't end up using kale.  I thought I had some left, and I didn't, so we used beet greens and chard.  They were slightly tough, but worked well with the cheese and sweet potato.
Green Lentil Salad (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free) with Balsamic Sweet Potatoes (vegetarian) and Carrot, Blueberry Rye Muffins (I am still perfecting these. Once they are just right, I will post them here) - These lentils are great, and even greater when you pour a balsamic reduction over them!
Sun-dried Tomato Toast with Monterey Jack Cheese (vegetarian) - I can also post this recipe, too.  Basically, these sandwiches are sun-dried tomato pesto with cheese, and pan-fried until the cheese is melted and the outsides are brown.  They are delicious and super easy!

Are you making fun, veggie centric meals these days?  If so, I would love to hear about the food the you are making for your family!

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  1. These recipes all sound great! These CSA posts give me lots of good new ideas each week. Lately we can't get enough of this grain, asparagus and pesto salad (, though we sub walnuts for pistachios in the pesto because they're way cheaper and we already have them, and added some dried cranberries for a little sweetness. It is delish! We've also been making vietnamese salad rolls regularly which are so easy and packed with veggies. Plus it's a great way to use up any extra basil leftover from the pesto. We usually add chicken to the rolls because it's cheap and convenient, but adding shrimp instead or leaving meat out entirely would be just as good!


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