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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Well, this is the last CSA post I will be posting for a while.  We are traveling to Vegas later this week, to see my brother (he just got home from a Mormon mission in Pennsylvania), then like 3 days later, we move to Utah for a few months.

I mentioned previously that we were planning on staying until December or so, but have since decided to come back to Austin for the fall.  This has been a remarkably difficult decision to make, and it is nice to know our fall plans, at least for now.

Anyway, this will be my last CSA post for a while, partially because we probably won't have a CSA share for the shortish time we are in Utah, and partially because I won't be cooking quite as much over the next few weeks, while we are staying with family.

We will be renting a house for part of the summer, and at that point, I will start posting meal plans again, because I will be cooking regularly at that point.  So if you love these posts, never fear!  They will return!  Just not for a few weeks.

Until then, I have a few other posts about food (but not recipes) that I have planned for you!  I am actually pretty excited about those, and hopefully you will like them, too!

This week was all about doing easy and well-loved recipes.  Old favorites that I could count on to deliver a tasty meal, and that wouldn't take tons of time, because our house is in chaos as we are packing up.  Hope you are having a good week!

To Use Up: 
Sun-Dried Tomato (First used in this)
Sweet Potato

Walnut, Onion and Feta Pizza - I used fennel (with the onion) and basil (instead of thyme) this time, and it was delicious.  I love a crumbled flat-bread pizza, and this one does not disappoint.
Sun-dried Tomato Soup - There are a few recipes out there that I wish I had come up with, because they are so good.  This recipe is one of them.
Tahini Cabbage Salad - The dressing was really strong on this salad.  The salad itself was gorgeous.  Overall, it was not a favorite, but not bad either, and a great way to use up cabbage.
Black Bean Soup - An old favorite.  Best served with tortilla chips.
Sweet Potato Curry - I made this one a few months ago on a whim, and it has fast become a staple.  It is easy, delicious and vegan.
Sweet Potato, Black Bean Tacos with Ranch Dressing - I make a variation on this often.  This time I added zucchini and sour cream.  It was very tasty.

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