Baby Milestones

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fox is really growing up.  *Sob!*  As a parent this is a exciting, and sort of heartbreaking thing. As he gets older, I find myself missing those first weeks, when he was fresh from heaven, sweetly scented and a more snuggly baby (truth be known, he has never been very snuggly, but he was way more snuggly then than he is now).

I loved nursing him in the middle of the night (truly, I did; it meant I got to read a lot and look through dozens of Airbnb rentals), and even changing his Little Snuggler Huggies in the wee hours of the morning.  I loved having him lay on the table during dinner so he could be part of the family (before he could roll, of course), and sitting around staring at his sweet, baby face with family and friends.  Man, I miss those days.

On the other hand, having him grow up is SUPER fun.  Last week, he started walking, which I was totally thrilled about!  He is 17 months, and at his 15 month appointment, the nurse practitioner looked very concerned when I told her that he wasn't walking yet.

I have a few friends whose kids started walking at 18 months, and Fox seems totally fine in every other respect (and his legs were getting stronger from pulling up on furniture), so I hadn't been worried about it until she told me that if he wasn't walking by his 18-month appointment, he would need a referral to a specialist.

Gah! Suddenly I felt super stressed about the walking milestone. We started making more concerted and consistent efforts to help him walk. We held his hand while walking him around, we had a little baby walker for him to practice with, and encouraged walking alone as much as we could.  Then, the day Adam left to go to a conference in Europe, he started walking, and Adam missed it :(  Isn't that how it goes?  Thank goodness for video hangout!

This walking stage might be my favorite, yet!  Watching him toddle around is pretty adorable.  Plus, he is extremely proud of himself, and holds his arms above his head in a triumphant way when he walks around.  Basically I am in love with this stage!  He is just so fun to be around.

A few days ago, he and I ran to Sam's Club get some Huggies Diapers.  Typically, he is not a huge fan of going to the store with me, and will get impatient or a little fussy if I take too long, but wow, was he a fan!  The diaper aisle was full of sweet baby faces on the boxes, and he spent the entire time while we were looking at diapers pointing at the babies and saying "Woz Dah (whose that)?"  He was a fan.

 (Who loves Sam's Club?  Fox does!!!)

Then, I thought he might enjoy trying a food sample or two (I'll admit, I wanted a sample, too), so we got a Rice Krispy treat to split, and a stir fry sample to tide us over until dinner.  Samples are definitely one of the draws of shopping at Sam's club (that and huge blocks of awesome, really cheap cheese).

I also love that they sell huge boxes of diapers and wipes there.  I always try to get the biggest box I can, because they almost always cost less per diaper/wipe if you get a large box.  Also, Huggies makes a great diaper.  The Little Snugglers never leak on me, they are super soft, and just darling on Fox (is there anything cuter than a baby running around in a diaper?).

I have also used Huggies Natural Care wipes many times.  They work really well and are thick enough that you can tear them in half if you only need half a wipe (at one point, I usually only used half a wipe if there wasn't much of a mess).

Right now, Huggies and Sam's Club have a special offer where you can get a $10 Sam's Club gift card if you buy 2 packages of either the Little Snuggler's Huggies diapers, or the Natural Care wipes.  If you can text or email a picture of your receipt to by 7/31/2016, they will send you a $10 gift card.  Pretty cool, right?  If you have ever been interested in checking out a Sam's Club membership, now is your chance!


  1. My oldest was about 17 months before she even showed interest in walking. My niece has mild brain damage (intellectually is just fine) and gets therapy to work on standing. She is 18 months. Either way, for better or worse, things will work out.

    Concerning Snugglers, I have an interesting time with them. They were great on my older, but my current baby... I don't know what's wrong but they just don't fit her right!

  2. There is such wide variation in developmental milestones -- especially physical. Eighteen months is late to walk but not rare. It was good the nurse alerted you but too bad she panicked you -- not necessary. This child is so beautiful. He has such a gorgeous HEAD! I know, how often do people comment on what a child's head looks like, but he does have a beautiful one! We missed you last night. We had a super good discussion!

  3. Oh, that last photo kills me! That sweet little boy!

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