Christmas Card Outtakes

Saturday, December 24, 2016

With Christmas being tomorrow and all, I have gotten quite reflective about past Christmases and what makes Christmas time so special for me.  

I am sure many people can cite a dozen different things that make Christmas special like how people are nicer this time of year, service to others makes you feel warm and fuzzy, you can load up on tons of holiday treats, fun holiday parties to attend, buying presents for others, and receiving presents, to name a few.  

I have had many wonderful Christmases including the year my parents gave me an American Girl doll (one of my most loved gifts ever), the year we went on a cruise instead of getting presents, the Christmas when the presents flowed out from under the Christmas tree and filled the entire dining room, and the year my dad and sisters and I participated in a live Nativity.  

This year, the best part and most memorable part of our Christmas Season has been the time we have spent together as a family.  We are staying in Texas this year, so it is just Adam, Fox and me, but Adam took this entire last week off (he is mostly researching and writing right now, so he doesn't go into work currently), and it has been heaven.  

This school year has been his busiest year yet, and he has been working many, many hours every week, and then last week, he was in South Korea for a conference, where it was hard to coordinate video calls because of the 15 hour time different and spotty wifi, so having him home to play, go on outings, and talk has been so wonderful.  

I keep telling Adam that he didn't need to get me anything else for Christmas, because this week has been a gift.  It has been full of wonderful and festive moments that have brought the Christmas Spirit into my heart and home.

I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas, and that you get to spend it with the ones you love.  

*These photos are the ones that didn't make it onto our Christmas card this year.  We had so many that I loved that I wanted to share them here!  

Get your baby to cooperate for family photos by letting them play with the camera remote.  



  1. These are all adorable! Thanks for sharing. And so happy you three have so much time together this week!! But we miss you. . .

  2. What a beautiful family ! Merry Christmas to you and your family Landen !


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