Sugar-Free Pear Yogurt

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Some days, our no-sugar challenge is totally fine, and other days it is SO hard.  On days like that, I have to try to get creative and throw whatever I have sitting around together to try to make something somewhat sweet and tasty.  

This was a surprisingly good combo.  Pears, cinnamon, pepitas and yogurt.  It is very simple, and if you get a sweet pear, it is good enough to satisfy any cravings you might be having.  It isn't a chocolate bar, but not a bad sugar-free replacement.  

We still have 11 days to go, so if you have any suggestions for sugar-free treats, I am all ears (I am avoiding natural sweeteners as well)!

Sugar-Free Pear Yogurt

1/2 cup plain whole-milk yogurt
1/4 pear, diced
1 Tbs toasted pepitas
1 or 2 shakes of high quality cinnamon


  1. My favorite thing is smoothies with frozen bananas. I let them ripen until they have plentiful brown spots, freeze them, and then blend them with unsweetened almond milk (and sometimes kale and almond butter so it's not TOO sweet and it's a little more filling). Always hits the spot for me.

  2. Fruit in general helps curb my sweet cravings, but unsweetened applesauce over plain yogurt or both blended with spinach and blueberries is a sweet treat.

  3. I dice up pineapple and flash freeze it; then eat them frozen with a fork. It's yummy! (I do the same thing with bananas and sprinkle cinnamon on the top, but do I remember correctly that you're not a huge banana fan? I also make a smoothie with frozen bananas, peanut butter, cocoa powder and almond milk and the other flavors are much stronger than the banana.)

  4. We also use our ice cream maker to make frozen fruit juice slushies which feels like a treat. Ooh, and having a glass of Martinelli's or a lime Perrier sometimes takes the edge off too. (I wish I could take all my own advice more often...)


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