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Friday, February 10, 2017

Remember how over the summer I bought a bunch of stuff from the Honest company?  I figured they were a good way to get on the more natural skincare bandwagon, but then after about 3 months of using their shampoo, it basically destroyed my hair?  My hair ended up stringy, kinda stretchy (in the worst sort of way), static-y, and honestly looked terrible just about all the time.

I was terribly embarrassed with it, and couldn't figure out what was wrong.  At first I thought it might be a climate change issue (we had just moved from super dry Utah, back to humid Texas), but then after a month or so in Texas, it hadn't gotten any better.  One day, I was in the shower, and realized that it was probably the shampoo, and stopped using it that day.  Almost immediately I had signs of improvement, but I was back to using Pantene, which I wasn't thrilled about, because there are some potentially harmful products in it.

Right around that time, I reached out to a bunch of companies to see if I could try out some of their skincare, beauty and haircare products, and Innersense Organic sent me their shampoo and conditioner, and Credo Beauty sent me a tester kit with a shampoo and conditioner in it, too.

So I test them out, took a few scary selfies after about 3 months of using these products, and am letting you know what I thought...

This first set that I tried out is the Innersense normal hair line.  They have a great rating on the ThinkDirty App (I think they received a one, which is about as good as you can get).

I loved how professional the shampoo felt and smelled.  My hair looks good, and smells good after using this.  I do feel like my hair has to be washed a little more regularly than with a non-natural shampoo, but I am willing to wash it a little more often because this stuff is great.

I love using it in Fox's hair, too, and the leave-in conditioner is great with his curls (although, I cut them all off a few weeks ago, which was kind of heartbreaking).  Also, Adam found that he loves using the leave-in conditioner.  The leave-in conditioner didn't work quite as well for my hair, but I don't typically use a leave-in conditioner, so I am not that surprised.

I felt like this is a very solid option for a natural shampoo.  It didn't change my life forever, but I could definitely see myself using this again and again and being satisfied with the results.  It is also a decent price point for a natural shampoo.  Not the cheapest on the market, but not insanely pricey either.

Awkward top shot with toys and diapers down below... 
smooth and straight.  
Nice and shiny!

Evolvh Conditioner// Evolvh Shampoo

This shampoo/conditioner combo is terrific.  Sadly it isn't in the ThinkDirty App either, but Credo Beauty sells it, and they are committed to selling clean and good beauty products. 

My hair always feels so soft and shiny after using this.  It does smell a little funny when I first use it (it kind of reminds me of a grandmother's shampoo right after I wash it), but honestly I don't mind, because it fades after a few hours.  

This is a very good shampoo option if you are looking for a natural alternative.  It feels like a really premium shampoo, but is a nice medium price point.  

Two other products that I have been using with good results:

This dry shampoo is not as good as an aerosol, but it is a good natural alternative.  I think my next product purchase will be the shampoo from this line.  Someone on instagram recommended it, and I love SheaMoisture, so I can't wait to try it.  

I couldn't find this oil (honestly, it is probably not the most natural product, but I have it, so I have been using it, and it has been great!) on ThinkDirty, or EWG database to check the rating, so here is a clean alternative: Badger Argan Hair Oil

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