The Curated Closet: Two Weeks of Documented Outfits

Thursday, March 2, 2017

A week or so ago, I posted installment one of my experience transforming my closet with "The Curated Closet" method.  This is installment two of maybe eight? Not quite sure yet.

At any rate,  one of the first things that Anushka Rees suggests that you do is assess what you are wearing and what you like.  So, I documented two weeks worth of outfits.  Or I thought I did. When I went back to check, not all of the photos were there, or worth posting (there were a few awkward shots of my outfit lying on the bed, because I had already changed into PJ's when I remembered to take the photo).

So here is a sampling of mostly what I wore a few weeks ago:

I thought this exercise was very helpful, because it helped me look back and identify patterns of what I actually wear day to day.  For example, skinny jeans are a daily norm (and have been for years).  I also really like white tops (which I also discovered this past year).  I love boots in the wintertime, and sweaters over a tee is great for the transitional winter/spring days that we are having.  I realized that I like comfort, but it can't ever be at the expensive of style.  I always want to look put together and nice.  No sweat pants for me.  I also don't like pulling off tennis shoes with normal clothes, although I think they look great on other people.

Next, I want to figure out what my 6 or 8 go-to outfits are from my closet.


  1. I totally agree with you on the tennis shoes! I just can't pull them off no matter how hard I try, and I think they're cute on other people, but I much prefer wearing ankle boots, flats, or my rain boots on a daily basis.

  2. Love, love, love every outfit & scarf!

  3. Thanks, Sara! I did wear a lot of scarves those weeks, didn't I!

  4. I'm on hold for this book at the library, and I'm very excited to read it (I think I first heard about it on Janssen's blog actually :)). This looks like such a great first activity - to really see what your fashion sense is like!


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