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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A few months ago, I used up the last of my fancy wrapping paper, and a few days ago, I was looking for something to wrap a baby gift in, and realized that my roll of brown paper was all I had for wrapping.  THEN, I realized how perfect it was for wrapping gifts.  For every. single. occasion. ever. But really.

Here are a few reasons why I am planning on keeping mine around for the long haul (whether it is trendy or not):

1. It's Recyclable - If you have read any green living post on this blog, you know I am all about reducing waste.
2. It's good for every holiday known to man - Super convenient, right?
3. It is extremely versatile - Seriously, you can put almost any type of ribbon or bow on it, and it will match (yep, even the ugly Minnie Mouse ribbon).
4. You can give it personal touches - Let your kids color on it, give it a cute pattern with a stamp, or draw stripes on it.
5.  It can double as packing paper for a move (that is most likely what will happen to the rest of my current roll).
6.  Mine was $1 at the dollar store, and had way more than the 2 feet of wrapping paper that most rolls hold (does anyone else hate how little most wrapping paper rolls have on them? $7 for a roll, and it is gone in 3 gifts. Bleh)
7.  Your gifts will all match each other under the Christmas tree or on the birthday pile (this is a big deal to me)!

Have you ever used brown paper to wrap stuff?  Or are you all about the fancy patterned paper?


  1. Yes! After I bought something on Etsy from a seller who wrapped her product in brown paper and string, I started wrapping my own Etsy sales that way. Then I thought, why not do this for all my wrapping? I haven't bought any other type of gift wrap for years!

    I enjoy jazzing up the plain packages - I'll use butcher's twine or use a Sharpie to bust out some simple artwork or fancy penmanship to write the recipient's name. Also, it looks really good if you tuck a pretty card under the string. No need to cover the pretty artwork on the card with an envelope when you can use it to decorate the package.

    1. I love this! I think twine or a cute string looks so good, and a card is always a nice touch! Especially when you are sending something out to a customer!

  2. I love pretty wrapping paper and always buy it after Christmas for 70-90% off and pick ones that aren't Christmas-y. I just can't get enough of it!


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