Life savers during my twin pregnancy

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Twin pregnancy is no joke.  Between intense nausea first trimester (with a side of vomit), crazy heartburn, feeling like my ribs are getting forced out (which they probably are), as well as just being uncomfortable most of the time, being pregnant this time around has been somewhat crabby.  Because I am trying to get through this pregnancy gracefully and with as little complaining as possible, I wanted to share a few things that have made my pregnancy happier.

Bissell Vacuum and Steam Mop - You guys!  This isn't sponsored, but holy cow, this vacuum has changed my life!  WE have a fairly large kitchen, entry and down the hall that are tile and hardwood, and we spend a lot of time eating and walking around on these floors.  I can't imaging sweeping and mopping these all the time to keep them clean.  This amazing appliance vacuums and mops. At the SAME TIME!  Seriously revolutionary.  I don't think our floors would ever get mopped otherwise.  This appliance belongs to my MIL, but you can bet I will be buying one when we move to our own house!

Bar stools - This is a lame one, but cooking is kind of hard because I am supposed to sit down as much as possible, so the set of bar stools in this house gets used an insane amount.  I chop veggies, make dressings, make granola, and even cook over the stove while sitting on these.  Seriously a lifesaver.  I never thought of myself as a stool person, but I really like using these.

Slippers - Right after we got married, we visited my in-laws for Christmas.  I was still adjusting to marriage and being part of a new family, and I honestly had a hard time that Christmas, but one of the things I remember the most was being freezing the entire time we were here (we slept in the basement, which is always a few degrees colder than upstairs).  The next time we came, I had been given a set of slippers, and it made a world of difference.  My feet have been pretty freezing a lot of the time we have been here, especially heading into fall, so these make me really happy and comfortable.

Almond Oil - I have mentioned this before, but as my belly gets bigger, I use almond oil to help with the itching, and hopefully reduce stretch marks.  It worked really well last time, and I didn't get any, but the chances I will escape stretch marks this time are slim, so I am not holding my breath.  It certainly does help with the itching, though.

Reclining couches - I typically don't like comfortable furniture that much because it is super ugly (it usually makes my back hurt too, from slouching), but my in-laws have some comfortable couches (they are not really ugly, but their main draw is not the look), that recline.  I have NEVER thought about getting a reclining couch, but using their's makes me really happy.

And as a random request, I am looking for a "made in the USA" or ethically made, attractive bathrobe for post baby delivery.  Anyone have one they love?



  1. I can not imagine your struggle and pain through it all. i am sure it must have been so hard for you and you are brave to speak so proudly of it. i know it is worth it now that you have two angels

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