Fashion pet peeves

Friday, October 21, 2011

1. Wearing tennis shoes with skirts. This can be such a tacky look. And it makes you look like you are trying to be comfortable. If you are trying to dress nicely, go all out. It is worth it. Even if your feet hurt at the end of the day from your heels.

2. Yucky running shoes with nice jeans and a dressy shirt. It totally wrecks the whole ensemble.

3. High heels are only attractive if you can walk in them. If you cannot walk in them, either practice or get rid of them. Otherwise you end up looking foolish hobbling along. Trust me.

4. Don’t wear an overwhelming amount of jewelry. Sometimes more is just more.

Do you have any fashion pet peeves?


  1. Or find some cute casual shoes - I think some tennis shoes (as long as they aren't actual SNEAKERS/ATHLETIC SHOES) can be cute with a casual skirt. Like this:


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