It's in the bag (Part I)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

So, we have stuff. And we like our stuff and we don't want to be without our stuff. Not that we're necessarily stuffy, but we like having it with us sometimes. Sometimes the stuff is money, the phone, maybe an iPod, a book or an e-reader, perhaps an umbrella, a camera, keys, the list goes on. Since nobody likes to have stuff in their pockets (I believe that 73% of the success of smart phones can be attributed to this fact) sometimes we need a little more space to put our stuff as we are out and about.
Today we turn our attention to bags of various sorts. For men who are students or of a certain part of the workforce, a bag is a must. Kind of like shirts, different bags are each, respectively, better for one situation than another bag is for a different situation: sometimes you feel like a more casual look and other times a dressier look is more desirable.
One thing that ought to be said, is that there are more options out there beyond the backpack. Don't get me wrong: I'm not a backpack hater. I like backpacks. However, sometimes a backpack is a little too big for my needs or it's a little too casual to go with the other things that I'm wearing (i.e. a suit). Next time I'll talk a little more about different kinds of bags, their strong points, and their shortcomings.
For the time being, let's just say this: Although it is not the case everyday, sometimes I want to take a little more than my pockets will carry; and I don't think that I'm alone in this. Whether it be for travel, a day downtown, the commute, or school, sometimes that extra place to carry things does just the trick.
Wear it well.

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