Friday's Favorites

Friday, January 27, 2012

Every week there are a few ensembles that we put together that seem to work out pretty well. We decided that we'd like to share one of them every week; thus, Friday's Favorites.

This isn't my favorite thing I've ever done, but it puts together a few things that I normally have a hard time finding a place for; namely the jacket and the trousers.

A little pattern mixing with a pinstriped shirt and leopard print skirt for
Kayla's 10 Day Challenge
shirt: H&M, vest: Urban Outfitters, necklace: borrowed from Janssen, skirt: New York and Company, shoes: DSW


  1. Love that skirt! You look great. I'm hosting an ABC's of Style challenge and would love you to link up whenever you can!

  2. Landen!! I'm so glad you linked up! You look gorgeous, as per usual. Marriage agrees with you.

  3. Love both of your outfits! And when H&M opens here we NEED to go :)


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