Goals for 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I am sorry for the long silence on our blog. I work in retail, which many of you might now, is busiest during the holidays and Adam and I also spent 8 blissful days in Utah and Nevada visiting family and friends over Christmas! Unfortunately, these two things led to a lack of blogging.

In the spirit of the new year, I wanted to mention some of my goals for 2012. As you well know from Janssen and Merrick, our family is big into goal setting. Every year for many years, my parents would sit us down right before New Year's for a big goal setting night. We had a special spreadsheet with different categories, deadlines for goals and ways to accomplish them. Although my approach to setting goals has changed over the years, my feeling of their importance has not. Goals give me such motivation and direction for the new year.
This year, after talking with Janssen about goals, I decided to split the year up into 3 month increments to make my goals more effective. The idea is that if the goal is not being effective, I can change it at the end of the three month period. We'll see how that goes. Too often I find myself pooping out after the first 3 weeks because I get tired or busy, so with this new plan, I hope to keep myself motivated all year!

So, for 2012, some of my goals are:
- Read more classics and biographies this year (I have already planned out my books for
January, February, March including The Life Charlotte Bronte, Age of Innocence, Three
Musketeers, and 3 Shakespeare plays that I have never read).

- Invite 3 families over for dinner in January, February and March (we hope to invite 12 families
over in total).

- Become a better blogger. Blog more frequently about things that inspire you.

- Outfitting: Pick out outfits for the whole week on Sunday (I have actually been doing this for
years, but have gotten out of the habit of late, and have had a hard time getting ready quickly
because of it.)

- Sew 1 night per week. Make couch cushions and kitchen chair pads.

- Photography: Start taking more pictures and learning more about the camera (hopefully this
will help improve the quality of pictures on our blog...).

I am already thrilled with the prospect of working towards these goals and a few more!

Happy New Year!
(four days late)


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