The Simple Things: V-Necks

Friday, January 6, 2012

Although I'm generally a button-up shirts kind of guy, I really enjoy a good t-shirt now and then. Graphic tees don't do it for me, and the last thing that I want is to have a big fat logo on my chest (unless of course that logo is my own super hero symbol and I'm punching the poop out of some bad guy. But let's be realistic: that's not going to happen any time before Arbor Day; much to my chagrin).

About 2 years ago I found some plain, colored tees from a craft store that cost me $2 each. Not a bad find, really. I enjoyed wearing them more casually with some blue jeans and Chucks or with a blazer for a little more class. Recently, however, the plain crew neck has become a little plain for me. Not wanting to stray too much from my solid T standard, I started to look more into V-necks. I know that they've been big for at least 5 years and are probably on their way out, but I don't care. I want them now. So, I started the hunt.

When I say 'hunt', what I really mean is that I was more passively hunting. You know, like those people who keep a Remington 300 in the cab of their truck just in case they come across any prize grizzlies on the interstate... Well, that said, I was bouncing around looking for some more affordably priced sweaters to put in my sweater post from a few weeks ago and I found some athletic-fit V-necks in interesting colors for $8 each. Figurative grizzly sighted. So, Landen and I went over there to check them out and this is what we found:

(I know that some of the photos of us in this blog are a little heavy on the cheese; all apologies.)

Just goes to show that small, inexpensive purchases can shake up your old wardrobe and move your look forward. Although I generally prefer stores like Zara, Express, and H&M, I always keep the grizzly radar on. You know, just in case.
Wear it well.

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