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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fashion is continually repeating itself. These last few years, probably because of the recession, recycled fashion has become all the rage. Not just inspiration from the past either. Vintage and thrift stores have become popular places to purchase clothing. I, myself, LOVE shopping at thrift stores. The prices are usually very good, and every once in a while you score big. More on that later. I have found it fascinating that places which were once loathed by trendy teens are now shopping hot spots. Places like Plato's closet, Goodwill, The Salvation Army and others have become places for great buys and trendy vintage clothing. As a connoisseur of fashion history, this pleases me. I love seeing people wearing clothing from the seventies and eighties.

Last summer, I was working at the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, UT, where they have this little thrift store. Most of what's sold there is junk or hideous stuff from the nineties, however I happened to wander in on a day when there were a few interesting skirts, each discounted to 50 cents. After spending a $1.50, I went home and called my mom to tell her about the fun things that I had purchased. I told her how I thought it would be awesome to find that I had purchased something by a famous designer, because "that could never happen at the Catholic thrift in Cedar City, UT." Then, just for the fun of it, I looked at the tags of the skirts. Lo and behold, the second skirt that I looked in had the tag of a very famous French designer in it!!! And I bought it! For 50 cents! After verifying the authenticity of the tag online, I am happy to say I am the proud possessor of a 1970 Givenchy blue pleated skirt purchased for 50 cents in Cedar City, UT. Score.

Part of me is just dying to know how it ended up in thrift store in Cedar City.


  1. Awesome find! I need to get more adventurous and go thrifting. The thought of sifting through racks stresses me out though, especially with kiddos in tow.

  2. This story still makes me smile! And it looks so lovely on you!!


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