One custom made dress shirt is on the way!

Friday, January 13, 2012

How many time have you looked at a shirt in your closet or on the rack at the store or on you in the fitting room, and said to yourself, "I wish it weren't so baggy/snug/short/long/red/blue/conservative/liberal/socialist/etc..."? Well, I certainly have (Stupid socialist dress shirts...). But guess what: Those days just might be over...sort of. In my last post about Express' 1MX I mentioned a site called that lets you custom build your dress shirts. Well, my friends, I just ordered one with a little bit of Christmas cash.

I came across the site a few years ago and became very curious; however, as I've been trying to save up on money for that whole life thing, I had decided to wait until the opportune moment. That opportune moment has arrived. Here's how the thing works:

You pick a base fabric for the body of the shirt, choosing from one of their (currently) 88 different fabrics; the price of your base fabric determines the final price of your shirt. After that, you can pick different fabrics for the other customizable elements of the shirt (type of collar, color of button hole thread, buttons, type of cuff/yoke/placket/pocket/etc;). Here is an over-the-top example I cooked up just to show you what it can do:

Breathtaking, no? Ok, no, that one isn't; but you can see how customizable these things can be. The best bit is that you have three options for sizing: 1) Standard S,M,L,etc with the choice of slim, normal, or loose fit; 2) giving specific measurements (w/ a measuring tape) of a dress shirt that you already have; 3) taking your measurements (10 different measurements + indicating desired fit, shape of shoulders, curvature of your back, and tummy shape). This equates to awesomeness. I hope.

I ordered a nice light blue one and it should be here in a few weeks. I'll be sure to show you what it looks like when it arrives.
Wear it well.


  1. We recently threw out a bunch of Philip's dress shirts because they were much too socialist :)

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