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Sunday, May 6, 2012

When we started this blog, I was working at a clothing store, and was highly encouraged to dress my most fashionably every day.  I recently changed jobs (hence the lack of posting) and now I am working at a dental office where I wear scrubs.  Every day.  At first this was wonderful, not having to plan my clothing (okay, I am lazy and still is wonderful to know exactly what I will be wearing every day), but some days I feel very blah for wearing the same thing day after day.  For those of you who feel this way because you work at a job where you wear the same thing everyday, here are a few tips.

1.  mix up your shoes.  Maybe your shoes are part of the outfit, but if not, go out and buy a fun colored pair or something sort of sleek and European looking (my favorite).

2.  Coordinate your earrings with your outfit.  I often wear a colored tee under my scrubs because of the FREEZING COLD temperature of the office, and most of the time, I wear colored earrings to match the tee I am wearing under my scrubs. .

3.  New hairdo's do great things for a repetitive outfit.  I like to curl it, or try a new type of braid in my hair.  My hair is pretty short, so I don't have tons of things that I can do with it, but I try to keep it interesting.

Whatever you do, keep it interesting and fresh for yourself!

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